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Ab Machines As Seen On Tv

Updated on May 6, 2011

Ab Doer Twist

The Ab Doer Twist is an ab machine as seen on tv that allows you to perform your ab exercises from a seated position with a twisting motion. It is made of a higher gauge steel and has multiple resistance levels for people with many different shapes and fitness levels. The seat is cushioned to provide comfort while performing the ab exercises. The arm bars are ergonomically designed to provide stress relief on your wrists, shoulders, neck, and upper back. The back portion contains the resistance rods and also has a massaging roller that massages as you workout. The Abdoer Twist comes with an instructional DVD and three progressive workout DVDs: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Most reviews for this product appear to be good. The most common complaint however is that the resistance rods that the machine comes with are not challenging enough and to add resistance, the extra resistance rods must be purchased.  This is the product I would most recommend of the ab machines as seen on tv.

Ab Circle Pro

Unlike most other sit-down ab machines, to use the Ab Circle Pro machine you kneel down to work your entire core with its full range of motion. So, like the Ab Doer Twist, the Ab Circle Pro uses a twisting motion to get your abs in shape. The product is made of steel and the Ab Circle Pro has three different levels of resistance, so it is designed for people of different shapes and fitness levels. The Ab Circle Pro comes with a 3-Minute express workout DVD and a lose your love handles nutritional guide.

Most reviews seem to be good in regards to the effects of the machine. According to the reviews, however, it appears that the biggest negative product is that pieces of the machine crack, or the paint begins to peel off.  If it weren't for the negative reviews on product quality, I would make this my best recommendation for ab machines as seen on tv.

Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer

The Ab Rocket Ab Trainer looks much like a seat, but has rollers on the back of the seat.  The back is made of steel  and massaging cushions.  The Ab Rocket Trainer allows you to basically perform a crunch but with support for your neck and back and added resistance so that less crunches are need to perform the same amount of work.  The product some with three resistance levels, so like the aforementioned products, the Ab Rocket Trainer is for all shapes and fitness levels.  The trainer comes with a meal plan and DVD that tells you exactly what you need to do to get the most from your Ab Rocket.

The biggest complaint with this product is that it, in the eyes of the reviewer, the product is not much better than just doing crunches.

Ab Machines As Seen On Tv - In Conclusion

All of these ab machines as seen on tv all have the same basic idea behind their design. They add resistance to some basic movements that target the muscles of the midsection. If you are interested in buying any of these products please do more research and make sure that you are committed to investing in one of these products.

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