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5 Life Lessons Learned

Updated on October 15, 2019
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1) People treat you different when you have a woman with you

When you are by yourself you are often seen as a normal nothing special person. However, if you have a woman with you especially if you are a guy people respect you more. People seem more apt to approach you and talk to you. Even if the woman you are with is not your girlfriend or even your friend you are treated in a way with more value. At first it's kind of shocking, but when you understand it, it becomes pretty cool. So guys if you don't have status or wealth and even if you do having a woman around you will definitely enhances your presence in people's eyes in just about any situation.

2) You either talk about criminal activity and don't do it or you do it, but don't talk about it

This goes back to the saying you can't be a rapper and a drug dealer at the same time. If you are actively doing something illegal then don't talk about it. But if you not currently doing anything illegal then it's okay to talk about it and pretend you like are. Take Rick Ross the rapper who has not done anything illegal, but talks about drugs, violence, and disrespecting women like he has. On the other hand, Tekashi 69 participated in illegal activities all while rapping about them and now he faces the potential of life in prison. The only exception to the rule would be if you had a history of doing some illegal activities, but you don't do them anymore now then you can talk about them. Kind of like 50 Cent who sold crack during the crack era.

3) Don't think about honesty, think about what's right

This kind of goes into the controversial question that women often seem to ask men. Does this dress make me look fat? A lot of guys will answer yes or no honestly, but often it will hurt her feelings. The best answer often is, is that you still love her either way. Even if you made the mistake to answer her honestly or in whichever way it was. As long as you let her know that you love her and are trying your best to please her then you did what was right. Honesty can be a cruel word that divides people, but saying what's right is what smooths out the wrinkles and conflict among people. What's right is when you let go of your own personal bias, beliefs, and ideas and you show that you care about someone important, the masses, or the group. Sure, when you are in your own mind or your own vicinity then you can be honest to what's important to you. However, when you are out in the real world it's important to be polite and be mindful of what most people believe in even if you may not personally agree with it. Say and do what makes people feel good and getting by in the world will be much easier for you.

4) I'm not sure if things have truly gotten better or worse

Sure, at face value things may seem to be getting better. Like women are gaining more rights, the world has become much safer, people have access to more resources, traveling the world has never been easier, etc. On the other hand if you look deeper there is more mental illness, traditional jobs are being replaced with automation, our personal data is regularly being monitored, etc. It may not be certain where humanity stands now, but things are definitely changing.

5) Things have changed so much in the last 15-20 years

Looking back almost two decades ago the world was a completely different place. We didn't have our phones the way we have them now, communication was different, transportation wasn't as responsive, etc. Just so many things were different back then the way it is now. I'm going to miss watching television, Saturday morning cartoons, people not being so distracted by their phones, going over to a friends house to play video games, my childhood, and so much more. Though life was typically much slower and more traditional back then I do look forward to a brighter future.


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