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Abortion Myths: Making That Tough Decision

Updated on February 25, 2015

Myths Of Abortion

Doing research about abortion on the internet can be grueling and stressful. Many times, all you will read is how regretful you will be. How everyone that ever got an abortion regretted it the rest of their lives. This just simply isn't true at all. There may be some people who do regret it, but to what extent? Many people are perfectly happy with their decision. There may be some guilt afterwards but regret isn't as common. Abortion isn't always cruel, because we have abortion pills that just stop the pregnancy very early without hurting the baby at all. A large percentage of abortions are because of being forced or talked into it, and they are the reasons one may regret it, however even in that case that woman may not feel lifetime regret due to how the child would have grown up without a second parent. Abortion is a very tough subject, and I was once very against it. I have seen both sides of it, and sometimes it is needed while other times people may use it as a form of birth control and do so inhumanely and too late in pregnancy.

Preventing Abortion Trauma

The after effects of abortion can be difficult just as any miscarriage could be. The earlier in pregnancy you do it, the less harsh it will be for you. It can be done before the heart even starts beating. I am in no way recommending abortion, however if you do chose to do it. It is best to do it as early and inhumanely as possible for the baby and the mom. Many people will tell horror stories about how they never got over it, and regret it every day...and that just isn't common in reality.


Avoiding Those Negative Opinions and Making That Decision

The hardest part about deciding on whether or not to get an abortion is all the negativity you receive. What will people think? Am I a murderer? Even if you can't afford a baby, should you just have it anyway without knowing if you can give it a good life? These are some important questions that go through many women's minds. It is YOUR Choice. That is what will haunt you, if you didn't decide on your own, for the right reasons. You should never do something because of others opinions or what they have to say to you. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

-Can you afford it?

-If you can't afford it, are you willing to sacrafice your life to work in order to?

-Is your relationship stable, and if not do you want a child to come into the world in a broken home?

-Will you feel too much guilt over it?

-Are you only doing it because of everyone else telling you to, or vise versa?

-Are you under 18 and not ready?

-Do you already have too many kids and can't handle or afford anymore right now?

These are just some questions that may help in your decision.


Have You Ever Had An Abortion?

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Making That Choice In a Fight With Politics

Abortion is a huge fighting matter when it comes to politics and the law. There is rarely any support for choosing abortion and even if you do not want one, there are people who will give you grief for keeping it. Stay true to yourself and what is best for you.


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    • Sulabha profile image

      Sulabha Dhavalikar 3 years ago from Indore, India

      Definitely a good hub. I am sure it will be well read in India, where we are facing population problem as also society pressure when it comes to having more than 2 kids. At such times, a couple is faced with a lot of tension.