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About Dental Crowns

Updated on November 26, 2013

A dental crown is like a sort of "cap" placed over a tooth. It is modeled after the original tooth in shape and size and covers this in order to restore its shape, size and strength, and / or to improve its appearance. The entire visible portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line, is shrouded by the crown.

Crown treatment

There are various dental defects that make a crown treatment needed:

  • Is it no longer possible to treat the tooth with a filling, since large parts were destroyed by caries or essential parts, such as cusps, missing, remains only the possibility of crowning.
  • Missing a tooth, the adjacent teeth need to be crowned to set up a bridge.
  • For securing a loose denture retention tooth is needed, this is often crowned for protection.
  • damaged by accident teeth often require a crown.
  • A so-called "dead tooth" is not so elastic and is crowned to protect against breakage.
  • also heavily damaged milk teeth need a crown.
  • with malpositions of the teeth crowns are used for aesthetic correction

With the following, costs can be expected:

provide a detailed price table is not possible because the production according to material, size and cost is to be different. It needs to be created, an individual cost plan. After filing with the health insurance subsidies and remaining costs are calculated. crowns are made ​​of different materials:

  • Precious-metal metals: gold alloys
  • Non-precious metals: also called saving alloy
  • Metal-free materials eg ceramic, are increasingly in use, particularly in the visible range.
  • Mixed materials: combination of ceramic and metal

Conditions for a crown treatment:

In principle, all teeth that are sufficiently anchored in the jaw can be crowned. After root canal treatment and inflammation, a waiting time of up to 6 months is required. Even after the establishment of an implant, a healing period should be awaited.

Dental Crowns Procedure

At the first appointment, radiographs are made, the tooth color is determined, and the tooth is prepared. Under local anesthesia old fillings and tooth decay are removed. The enamel is removed to a large extent with abrasive instruments, most of the tooth stump is ground down slightly conical. then made ​​an impression from the complete jaw. To protect the very sensitive tooth stump a temporary is used. On the second date, the finished crown is fitted. Care must be taken to exact fit to the adjacent teeth and the opposing jaw. Also, the completion of the crown to the gum, the edge of the crown must be exactly right. The tooth color is controlled. The crown is secured using dental cement or adhesive.

Dental Crown types

There are various Crowns:
Crowns are fabricated in the laboratory always after X-ray exposure, preparation and impression. There are:

  • Veneer crowns: are partially or completely covered by a layer of tooth-colored
  • Full cast crowns: are used in the non-visible area, also known as metal or gold crown
  • Jacket, coat or ceramic crowns: the tooth is like a jacket enclosed with ceramic
  • Telescope Crowns: with connection element
  • Partial crowns: the tooth is only partially covered
  • Pen Crown: Mounting with pin or screw
  • Veneers: ceramic veneers

Mood disorders and care

Various issues may occur:

  • modified mouthfeel: disappears after 1-2 days.
  • Temperature sensitivity: is perceived as very unpleasant, should be gone after a few days
  • Feel the crown is too high: often a subjective feeling, it does not lie down, should be treated
  • Pain when biting: possible go first, with persistent pain for the post
  • in case of serious defects: call the dentist


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