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About Male Yeast Infection

Updated on August 10, 2010

About Male Yeast Infection

 Many tend to think that men never suffer from infections by yeast.  The truth of the matter is that male yeast infection is more common in society than ever.  It is not just thrush that will affect men but also penile yeast infection which is quite an infection.  When fungus affects the male reproductive organ, it will be referred as penile infection by yeast.  Those who are infected can transmit this infection to sexual partners in the activity of sex that is unprotected.  The transfer of fluids is able to transmit the fungus from one person to another through coital relations.

 Misconceptions have been due to limited information on this kind of male yeast infection.  The following is a highlight of all the major causes of penile yeast infection.  The following information will provide vital guides to men on dealing with the problems as well as preventing it.  The first cause of this infection is sex as stated above and this is unprotected sex.  This is the leading method in which transmissions occur.  The solution to this is to use protection during sex and for those in marital unions; infections must be treated first to curb a cycle of infections that might follow.

 Use of medications like antibiotics for a long time can cause the problem.  Antibiotics work by killing all the bacteria including helpful ones and this will see fungus thrive and this is the cause of infections.  The imbalance comes in when fungus multiplies.  Those who are diabetic will tend to have high sugar level s in the urine.  This is a full blown party for yeast to feast.  Proper management of diabetes is the best way to go about dealing with the problem from the root.  Consider visiting a doctor to have yourself checked for diabetes if you are not sure about the cause.

 Nonoxynol-9 is a condom lubricant that has been associated with yeast infection and you should avoid it.  This element has been seen to cause yeast infection and it is good to read labels and see that you buy condoms that are actually safe.  Experts advise people to avoid condoms that do not have a spermicidal lubricant.  There are so many other factors to consider when it comes to causes.  You can easily prevent infections but when you do notice infection, visit the doctor.  The following are tops signs of penile yeast infection which are dry penile skin, itchiness, whitish patch on the tip of penis, pain and soreness and many others.


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    • profile image

      traceysfolly 7 years ago

      Good advice. I bet some people think that this problem affects women only. Thanks for putting this information out there.