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Responsible Nutrition

Updated on October 11, 2016
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I write about health, wellness and fitness. Emphasis on nutrition, exercise and non-use of prescription drugs. The goal is Optimum Health.

I took responsibility for my health in 1975, and I haven't been SICK in 20 years. Now that's not counting a near-death in 1996, but that was not an illness, but an infection. You are what you eat.

Honey, Honey. Eat it EVERY DAY.
Honey, Honey. Eat it EVERY DAY.

I don't have health care. I have health. I don't have a doctor. I am my own guinea pig. I don't take meds. I take Vitamins and Suppliments. I don't have health issues, except weight.

I am right now experimenting with Vitamin D 3... I seem to be losing weight, but I threw out my scale.

I don't eat MSG, Aluminum or Aspertame. I don't eat hydrogenated oils. I don't eat vinegar, mustard or black pepper.

I was about to say, 'I don't eat bread'... but recently I bought a loaf of bread because it was on sale and said it had no trans fats. It was good, so I bought another... then another. Suddenly my feet swelled up.. so I immediately stopped eating the bread. The swelling went down in 3 days. I imagine it was from WHEAT.

Vitamins Anyone?

I take individual vitamins, plus daily:

Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) - 25,000 I.U.
B Complex
Vitamin C - 2000 mg
Calcium - 1200 mg (usually w/Vit. D)
Vitamin D3 - 2000 I.U.
Vitamin E - 800 I.U.

Multi Vitamin/Mineral - 2 daily tablets (This I have changed to a Plus 50 formula which does not contain iron. Menopausal women [and men] are in danger of getting too much iron.)

Salmon Oil - 2000 mg

Magnesium - 500 mg (I just added this to my daily intake. I had read somewhere about 80 % of people are deficient in this mineral... It's too soon to tell if it has been beneficial to me. 2-21-2015)

[Update: 5-29-2015

Now it's been a while, I have definitely had beneficial effects from Magnesium. I had pains in the backs of my legs and in my feet THAT ARE GONE! ]

I have great grandchildren... but I say I am 25... I have the health and attitude of a 25 year old. But I took responsibility for my health in 1975... I had one health emergency in 1996, which was caused from my teeth. A dentist extracted 2 abcessed teeth without giving me antibiotics and the infection spread to my groin with an abcess the size of a grapefruit. Doctors pumped me with antibiotics for 5 days, drained the abcess and did a hysterectomy (which I probably needed anyway), and then were angry when I refused estrogen. Well, you know, the estrogen recall happened about 6 years later!

Anyway, I recovered and have never been back to a doctor since. I learned HONEY contains antibiotics, and I eat it daily.

Oh... did you know? I'd always heard doctors only had 6 weeks training in nutrition... but I recently read a statement from a doctor (who went on to homopathic medicine), saying he only had ONE HOUR of nutritional study! Hello? What are you missing?

(It's all about money, Honey!)

Maui, Hero and Rebel (behind my shoulder.) November 2, 2011.
Maui, Hero and Rebel (behind my shoulder.) November 2, 2011.


I wrote this March 15, 2010. I have been experimenting with the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type way of eating since July of 2010. I still use Vitamin D 3, and swear by it, but I am very slowly losing weight on this different way of eating. In my case, I am a B type, and the most detrimental foods to a B are Chicken, Corn and Tomatoes. Well, darn, that's difficult. How do you eat a pizza without tomato sauce?

Even though I am not losing quickly... I am not GAINING! People usually gain about 5 pounds a year as they get older. And I probably had been. Not so now.

Above is one of my most recent pictures... with my 3 dogs on Nov. 2, 2011, when I got the little white Dalmation.

...and this is without makeup!

Interesting Developments

Chuckle.... the above update was done in Dec. 2011... so here we are Feb first, 2013...

I have recently had an illness, that was a gift from God... I wrote about it in a Hub, titled, Cure Pneumonia.

Not to be outdone, I just got over a bout of food poisoning... Sheesh. And here I'm talking about how healthy I am.

But, I did not DOCTOR for either of these maladies. I still advocate nutrition and the healing strength of your own body.

Before I think I'm done here, I really need to discuss what I don't eat and why....

Do Not Eat

MSG, Aspartame and Aluminum are the most dangerous food additives you can eat. They cause, trigger or worsen Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Lou Gerig's diseases.

Remember Accent? Well, it's actually still on the market, but it was initially used as a meat tenderizer. That is MSG, Monosodium Glutamate! Now it is found in almost any processed food available.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetner found in almost all diet beverages, which complicates these diseases as well as causing brain tumors, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, lymphoma, birth defects, fibromyalgia and diabetes. It hides behind names such as Nutra Sweet, Equal and Spoonful. I also suspect Splenda...

[Update: 3/30/ 2013 - Beware of Stevia... some companies are now adding Aspartame to this!]

Aluminum... you say, 'Huh?' Yes, Aluminum! It is found in BAKING POWDER, and numerous other foods. People die of Aluminum poisoning and nobody knows. If you eat biscuits, pizza (it's found in most pizza crusts) or breaded foods, you are eating Aluminum!

In addition, Aluminum is found in deodorants and many lotions (and absorbed through the skin.) And if you are cooking your food in aluminum pans, it is coming off into your food. If your kettle won't take a magnet, get rid of it!

Hydroginated oils, such as Crisco and margarine, clog the arteries and cause hardening of the artaries. I also have a Hub on this, called, Pass the Butter...Please.

Vinegar, Mustard and Black Pepper eat the stomach lining and cause all sorts of digestive problems that people end up using Tums and other antacids for. (DON'T eat Tums!)

I need to reiterate here, I do not take ANY medications, including Over the Counter Drugs, such as the Tums I just mentioned. ...not even Asprin!

The Blood Type Diet

This is not an actual 'diet' to lose weight, it is just a way of eating, healthy to you personally. I don't get into the intracacies of it, but I read the book for the B Type, took notes and try not to eat what is not beneficial to me.

My beneficial meats are: Lamb, Mutton, Venison. Oh, yeah... I don't like lamb, plus it's too expensive. I think it included Rabbit, too. Where do you find Rabbit? I have found Venison in the health food stores, but... there again, too expensive. But I CAN eat Beef and Turkey. They are only neutral foods, but not detrimental as Chicken is. That was the hardest thing for me, because I really LIVED on Chicken. Corn was also difficult because it's in everything.

This really needs an article on it's own, but here are some of the foods I can eat that are beneficial to me. Sardines, Salmon, Mushrooms, Parsnip, Peppers, Sweet Potatoes/Yams, Olive Oil, Oats, Rice, Kidney Beans, Navy Beans, Cottage Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Yogurt (but I don't like it!), Bananas, Beets, Cabbage, Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, and I think Pineapple.

Other things I can eat that are just neutral are Tuna, Eggs, most fruits and vegetables, except Pomegranate and Avacado, most other Cheeses, except Blue/Roqueford Cheese, so I really do have a lot of foods to choose from. I do stuggle with Pizza, because the crust has wheat, which I am not supposed to eat, and tomato sauce, plus Aluminum... Sigh... But I put a lot of Mozzarella Cheese on it!!!

Oh, and I really don't eat bread.

[Update: 5-29-2015

Sweet Jesus... I have FOUND Frozen Yogurt!!! I love that!]

UPDATE - March 25, 2013

I have recently gone completely WHEAT FREE. I was not supposed to be eating it on my Blood Type Diet, anyway, but I read the book Wheat Belly by William Davis, M.D. which convinced me I was cheating myself by eating wheat.

And I have also written about it in Hubs, 'It Could Be The Wheat You Eat' and 'Inspired Recipes - Wheat Free.' Do yourself a favor and read these two articles.

I believe this is the most important revelation I've had and will benefit me YEARS into my quest to live to 150!

Blessings, and be healthy.
Blessings, and be healthy.

Blessings, and be healthy. Really, it's up to you.


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