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Abs Diet for Women, how to lose weight in the stomach area

Updated on May 20, 2011

The Abs Diet, it's not just for Men. Women can use it to get that 6 pack too.

When you think about "six pack abs", you may think of a man, but many women desire this tight, fit look as well. And most men like to look and women with a good muscle tone, in the abs. Women's bodies were design to hold a few extra organs for reproductive purposes in the stomach area, so it is a little harder for women, but the principles in this diet plan will work for women very well.

The book was created by the editor for “Men’s Health”, a fitness magazine. The author, David Zinczenko wrote in a style directed at a male audience. But don't let that stop anyone from using the tips and tricks in this book that can be applied to females too.

Unfortunately most dieters fail to develop their muscle tone while lossing weight. Often just focusing on calorie restriction, rather than understanding that building muscle is a very effective way of losing allot of weight.

It is a well known fact that muscle weight burns more than fat weight, but it also sets within your body differently. A person of the same weight, with more muscle will have a thinner waist line. Your waist size is better indication of your health, than your total weight, based on the many test that used this measurement to determine Body Fat.

Power Foods in the Abs Diet

Although this diet is a six week plan, there are 12 foods that your diet should include.

  1. Bean (or legumes)
  2. Green Vegetables (Spinach is one of the best)
  3. Nuts (with skins)
  4. Oatmeal
  5. Dairy (low fat or Fat free)
  6. Eggs
  7. Peanut Butter (sugar free)
  8. Lean meats (turkey, chicken, fish, and lean steak)
  9. Whole Grains (breads and Cereals)
  10. Olive Oil
  11. Berries (Blueberry and Raspberry are great choices)
  12. Whey (protein powder)


Abs Diet Info

Program that is focused on interval and strength training

As we gain weight, the fat accumulates in the biggest quantities around the abdominal area more so in men. Women's bodies are more able to deposit fat in the hips and thigh area as well as the abs. This does not make a woman feel any better about her stomach though. Also, the fat in your belly can often disappear last .

Don't be too discouraged, although there is no easy fix to fat loss and no way to reduce the belly fat you have without reducing overall fat, If this diet is followed correctly it will result in losing fat and overall improved condition of your stomach muscles. The Abs diet does service as a great guide to exercise, strength training, and good nutrition.

Please comment on your experience.


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