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Accept Your Imperfections As They Define You - Only Your Confidence Takes You Places!

Updated on June 14, 2013

" To Conquer Your Flaws, You Must First Accept Them"

- Anonymous

In this imperfect world, many are trying to mold themselves into perfect creatures through excessive exercising, crash dieting, much sought-after surgery, etc and the results in most cases are huge disasters! We should be aware of the fact that no one is born fully perfect. Our imperfections determine our identity and set us apart from others! There has to be a limit as to what rectifications we can do and only in a healthy way. For example, if one person is overweight, he/she can lose weight through the right amount of exercise and healthy dieting. But if a person is naturally thin or tall, or has a tiny mole that is not prominent, they must accept them and accentuate them well.

Confidence is your biggest asset
Confidence is your biggest asset | Source

A short note on my personal experience

When I was a child, I was extremely tall for my age and stood above the entire batch of classmates. Few of my classmates joked that I looked like a senior. This upset me very much. As years passed by, my height became the main focus of my appearance and people complimented me for my height. Now I am pleased that I am blessed with good height.

 An epitome of curvy beauty in Hollywood
An epitome of curvy beauty in Hollywood | Source

Take a look at the list of celebrities and famous personalities with their imperfections

Many celebrities are very much like us - they too are not so perfect, yet they are successful irrespective of their imperfections.

1. Kate Winslet

It is well known that this British talented beauty has often mentioned in her interviews that she is against size-zero and proudly flaunted her curves both onscreen and off-screen!

Both the people and media's favorite!
Both the people and media's favorite! | Source

2. Diana, the late princess of Wales

Lady Di was 5 feet 8 inches in her teens and had to drop out of ballet classes due to her height. Yet she was born to be the People's Princess who stunned us with her breathtaking looks, her fashion-style, her compassionate nature and her life.

Microsoft founder and philanthropist
Microsoft founder and philanthropist | Source

3. Bill Gates

His massive success and fame in the world of information-technology and his charity contributions made us forget his geeky appearance and his indifference to self-grooming.

Smile Queen
Smile Queen | Source

4. Julia Roberts

Her wide smile won her the title of America's Sweetheart. All My Children's loss is Hollywood's gain! (Julia Roberts auditioned for a role in the popular television soap opera 'All My Children' and was rejected)

Domestic Goddess
Domestic Goddess | Source

5. Nigella Lawson

Such a chubby and robust figure made her a household name, thanks to her hit cooking shows, her luscious face and endearing presence.

Hollywood Superstar
Hollywood Superstar | Source

6. Tom Cruise

Though he is not tall (5 feet 7 inches), that did not stop this Hollywood heartthrob from being the box-office darling and he continues to woo us with his evergreen boyish charm!

Speech King -  "Yes We Can"
Speech King - "Yes We Can" | Source

7. Barack Obama

The U.S. President with unconventional physical features created a huge impact in the world with his charisma, speaking skills and dynamic persona.

Hollywood Powerhouse
Hollywood Powerhouse | Source

8. Meryl Streep

Years ago, the struggling newcomer auditioned for the leading female role in King Kong (1976) and was rejected, with the film director saying she was ugly! Today this same actress is regarded a Hollywood icon, an Oscar favourite with 3 Oscar awards and 17 Oscar nominations under her belt (she is the most nominated person in the entire Oscar history) and a wonder among the stars and the audience alike!

Famous supermodel  with her equally famous beauty mole.
Famous supermodel with her equally famous beauty mole. | Source

9. Cindy Crawford

After Marilyn Monroe, this former supermodel brought her trademark mole into vogue. Some claimed that moles are considered as symbols of beauty and good luck.

Note: If your mole increases in size and become very large or hairy, then consult the doctors. If there is no problem, then just leave it.

Popular Hollywood star who was named Sexiest Man Alive 2008 by People magazine!
Popular Hollywood star who was named Sexiest Man Alive 2008 by People magazine! | Source

10. Hugh Jackman

Since his adolescence, his extremely lanky body was being ridiculed. Presently, this Australian hunk has got a tremendous fan-following with people swooning over his chiseled body, his multiple talents and his famous Wolverine role in the X-Men film series!

Queen of Pop
Queen of Pop | Source

11. Madonna

Teeth-gaps (tiny/narrow) are said to be lucky and this proved true in the pop-singer's case - her long-lasting music career, her consistent affair with the media and her astounding wealth!

Hollywood Royalty
Hollywood Royalty | Source

12. Elizabeth Taylor

Her classic beauty and violet eyes owed their luminousness to her so-called accessory row - double eyelashes due to a rare genetic mutation called distichiasis. As a child, while starring in the film titled 'Lassie Come Home' (1943), the director insisted her "eye make-up" be removed and then realized that it was not eye make-up, predicted that Elizabeth was born to be on the big screen which eventually came true!

An all-time great classical ballet dancer
An all-time great classical ballet dancer | Source

13. Anna Pavlova

The late renowned Russian ballerina was unfazed by criticism against her frail feet and took the world by storm with her incredible dancing skills through her will-power and sheer determination.

Greek God of Indian Cinema
Greek God of Indian Cinema | Source

14. Hrithik Roshan

India's superstar has multiple imperfections - an extra finger (an extra finger or toe is considered lucky), stammering problem and long facial features. In spite of these imperfections, he danced his way into the audience's hearts with his handsome looks, amazing dancing skills and artful acting.

"Winning Breeds confidence and confidence breeds winning" - Hubert Green.

We ought to overlook our imperfections and use our confidence as our main asset. With confidence on our shoulders, we find hope, success and happiness in our paths. If we refuse to accept our imperfections, it can ruin our lives. See what had happened to the late much-beloved Michael Jackson. When the exceptional entertainer Michael Jackson was young, he was good-looking with pleasant facial features and a promising music career. Unfortunately, this immensely popular King of Pop gradually destroyed his illustrious career and himself due to his deep obsession with surgery and ultimate perfection.

In order to achieve our dreams and desires, we have to work hard through suitable means.

A list of suggestions for achieving your dreams in a right manner:

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Ignore harsh criticisms / taunts.
  • Don't let rejections worry you. There are plenty of opportunities on your way.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Always be happy.
  • Stick to certain people who always stand by you and encourage you a lot.
  • Don't compare yourself with others - each one of us is unique in our own way.
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Think positive.
  • Confidence is the key to success and happiness! Always be confident!

Confidence is what these above mentioned celebrities emulated throughout their lives and remain undeterred by their imperfections and criticisms. The same applies to us and this world can be a more perfect and peaceful place to live in if we are all happy and confident!

"Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence".

- Vince Lombardi.

Copyrights © 2012 by Ishwaryaa Dhandapani

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