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Acne Free in 3 Days Scam Review

Updated on August 13, 2009
Does Acne Free in 3 Days live up to the hype?
Does Acne Free in 3 Days live up to the hype?

Is Acne Free in 3 Days a Scam?

Acne Free in 3 Days is an ebook that has taken the online world by storm. This comes as anything but a surprise considering the astonishing results this book claims to deliver. People generally have two, polar opposite responses when asked about the ebook. One group finds that it is tailored towards gullible people. I mean, is it really possible to completely cure acne in such a small period of time? Another group finds the advice disbursed in the book to be valuable. Generally, those who have yet to purchase the book fall within the first category. Having had little success with so-called "instant" acne cures, they have little reason to believe that the book is anything but a scam.

In this hub, we will be taking a close look at Acne Free in 3 Days to help you understand whether or not it will benefit your struggle with acne. It is truly saddening to see people constantly waste money on promising treatments to only find that they have little to show for it. Profit potential has overshadowed our responsibility as humans to be truthful and helpful to one another. In this hub, there will be no hype just straightforward facts to help you make a decision. Regardless of whatever decision you make in respect to this product, we will give you some of our own tips to get healthy and clear skin for the long-term.

Acne Free in 3 Days Review

Are Dermatologists Missing Something?

If you've been to a dermatologist to treat your acne, you know how prescription-grade treatments work. On one end, you have the option of using topical retinoids (such as Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, Tazorac, Differn) in conjunction with oral antibiotics (Tetracycyline, Doxycycline, etc.) Some treatment regimens also make use of topical medications to control bacteria (Erythromycin, Benzoyl peroxide, etc.). With a combination of 3 different medications, you would expect someone to be clear in a matter of days. Unfortunately, most treatments require a MINIMUM of 6 weeks before improvement is seen. Even at that point, most people continue to suffer from breakouts.

The breakouts that are visible to you at skin level are just part of the story. Your skin needs to purge underlying breakouts waiting to happen before you can become acne free. This is why during the first two or so months, people often experience breakouts. It is because the medication is bringing pimples to the surface. And herein lies the reason why most people give up on treatments so prematurely. The believe it is not working for them. To spare themselves the aggravation, they give up.

Unless you have 3 or 4 pimples on your face and are otherwise clear, there is no possible way any treatment can fully clear your face of acne. Even the most potent acne medication, known as Accutane takes a few months to fully take effect. This medication is reserved for the very severe cases of acne. If top-of-the-line prescription medications take so long to work, how it is possible that any modern treatment could outpace them in treating acne?

Although we will be giving a brief overview of how acne develops, you really don't need to understand the mechanism behind the disease to be given the indication that Acne Free in 3 Days is a scam. Let's apply the logic mentioned above to a potentially fatal disease such as cancer. If cancer cannot be treated by a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, what makes some people believe that a change in diet could influence the fallout of the cancer whatsoever? A hint of gullibility goes a long way in fueling our spending habits when it comes to miracle treatments.

How Acne Develops and the Missing Puzzle Piece

Those who typically share their wealth of knowledge on acne don't have a clue as to how the condition develops. It really is a sad state of affairs. These people are the ones spreading false notions about the disease, such as that oily skin in itself causes acne. When you have little knowledge as to how the disorder causing inflamed lesions on your skin works, how could you ever hope to successfully treat it?

Acne develops when a hair follicle becomes obstructed with dead skin. The sabaceous gland, which is located within this follicle, produces oil to help keep the skin hydrated. When an obstruction occurs, the gland does not stop working, but rather continues to produce oil. Acne bacteria, found within the follicle is safe up until the point that the sebum begins to accumulate. Sebum is what feeds p. acnes bacteria. With enough food to duplicate, the bacteria go to work in forming acne lesions.

A combination of factors needs to be present for acne to develop. No dead skin, no acne. No sebum production, no acne. There is no single thing to blame for acne breakouts. If you read up on how the prescription medications we mentioned above work, you will find that perform multiple processes to keep the skin clear. They help with the shedding process that is often impaired in acne sufferers, kill bacteria, and regulate sebum production (in the case of acne). Even when all of these effects are controlled, curing acne can take time.

The missing puzzle piece in the Acne Free in 3 Days treatment is that it is not a comprehensive cure. While we will not be divulging the entirety of the treatment, it heavily relies on the role of diet in acne breakouts. Sure, evidence has shown that diet does influence acne. However, an effective treatment should not focus on merely a single factor. What are the odds of getting your skin treated faster if you are attending to one variable as opposed to several as in the case of prescription treatments. Believe me, they are very low. Three days will get you nowhere with any legitimate acne treatment. You can choose to accept this or continue burning money on useless treatments. The choice is yours.

Candida Not Responsible in Most Cases

Some Real Acne Advice

Now that we have debunked the notion that acne can be treated in three days, it's time we give you some real advice for curing acne. There is no big secret to getting acne under control besides being gentle to your skin and trying to influence all the contributing factors involved. Skim through the bulleted list below and consider whether or not your current regimen conforms to the advice given. If not, this may explain why you are having little success with controlling your acne.

  • Use a gentle cleanser: Sodium lauryl suflate free, pH balanced, no alcohol, no exfoliating beads
  • Use cleanser with pure water, such as bottled water. Tap water has additives such as chlorine that can be drying.
  • DO NOT dry your face in a RUBBING motion. Pat it dry and let any remaining moisture air dry.
  • Use topical medications in low, non-irritating concentrations. Benzoyl peroxide at 2.5% is just as effective as it's 5% and 10% variants.
  • Moisturize. If you skin gets dry from the topicals, moisturize with a non-comedogenic cleanser.
  • Sunscreen. The sun's rays are not good for acne. They may help reduce the appearance of lesions, but this effect is short-lived. Many moisturizers are also sunscreens.
  • Sleep and stress. More sleep and less stress can help drastically reduce breakouts. Put the calculus book down and go get some sleep.
  • Diet/Liquid Intake. As mentioned above, diet does have some bearing over acne breakouts. Try to avoid foods with a high glycemic index and drink plenty of water.

Start applying some of this advice today and you will begin to notice a gradual improvement in your skin. Patience and consistency always wins the race in the case of treating acne.


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