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How To Treat Acne - Best Skin Care Tips for Curing Acne

Updated on October 6, 2015

­ Acne problem is very common in both in teens and as well as in adults. We see a lot of people around us victims of this acne problem. Here we are focusing on the remedies to get rid of acne completely and also giving you the tips that can bring dramatic change in your face look. We hope that you will be surely benefited.

No Touching

Very simple things, do not touch, rub, scratch or play with the pimple. If you feel some kind of irritation you need to be patient. Avoid touching otherwise it will cause the further spreading of bacteria to other parts of the body. You might have observed the small dots on faces or even small deep circles on some people faces, it’s only because, if you scratch or constantly touching the pimple, it will leave it marks permanently. This is very dangerous. If you will not touch the pimple, it will vanish completely after some time, but if you try to pull it, rub it, scratch it, its going to leave a permanent mark on your skin.

Use products composed of benzoyl peroxide.

Try to use products composed of benzoyl peroxide one time or twice a day. Benzoyl peroxide will eliminate the, bacteria, and also treat the pores causing acne. The quantity of lotion or gel containing benzoyl peroxide should be carefully used. At start you might apply 5% of lotion once a day, then after some time twice day and you can gradually increase the quantity.

If you do not see any reduction in acne within 3 to 4 weeks, you may need to increase the quantity of the lotion or gel you apply to your face. You may apply 10% of lotion or gel twice a day. Once thing should be kept in mind is that quantity of the lotion or gel shall be increased only if your skin does not get irritation and allergy. One, who has sensitive skin, must care about the quantity of lotion to be used.

Go Easy on Washing

Washing your face will remove the oil from your skin. But if you think too much washing will remove the acne that’s wrong. Facing washing can not remove the acne oil glands that are plugged into your skin; facing washing will only remove the oil from your skin surface. So go easy on washing no need to be aggressive intense washing will not completely treat acne.

Try Sulfur or Resorcinol Products

If you have severe acne problem you can use, products which are made up of sulfur or resorcinol. These products will eliminate the oil glands by irritating skin. Though sulfur or resorcinol product are very much effective but dermatologist suggest benzoyl peroxide as the best ingredient of the product for acne..

Wash Properly

You should at least wash your face twice a day. For washing purpose use recommended soaps or if not recommended, ordinary soaps can be used. People with too much oily skin can also use benzoyl peroxide along with soap because of drying characteristics for benzoyl peroxide.

Be Careful with Exfoliants

Exfoliating mean, rubbing the outer dead layer of skin with some rough cloth. In acne, you skin is already very much irritated and in such situation hard rub or scratching acne may cause more damage to your skin. Avoid every hard thing, weather they are clothes, brushes, sponges, because your face skin is very soft and sensitive. While if your back or chest in infected with acne, you may use acne scrub pad, because these are the body parts which are very less sensitive, but you cant not use for the face.

Use Better Make-up

Try to use make ups which are water base, because this type of make up clog pores less the other type of make ups. Before purchasing you should read the label, weather it is oil based or water based. Sometimes, it happen that label on the makeup is not clear or not easily understandable, in such scene you can use this guideline. Leave the make up for a while undistributed, if water and powder separates then it’s a water based make up, but if they remain mixed, this shows that it is oil based make up. Instead of using liquid, prefer to use loose powder and powder blushes. For lips and eyes no need to worry because lips and eyes usually don’t get acne.

Avoid Facials

With acne, you should always try not to use facials.

Do Not Use Oily Products

In acne you should not use products which are oily. For example, oily cleansers, very oily facial moisturizers. You can also save your skin from wrinkles and different types of diseases like cancer without irritating your acne by selecting a sunscreen of SPF 15 or greater then that. You should also take care about waterproof sunscreens, because they can cause to clog oil glands to use on the face. One, who swims more or sweats more, will have to use oil free variety.

Eat Healthy Food

It was believed that nuts, chocolates and the eatables with warm effects on stomach are the main cause of acne. but, research has proved that chocolates, nuts fatty food have no relation with teenage acne .however, if somebody fees a positive relation between acne and a specific food item, then he/she should leave eating that food to stop acne. I will be writing articles about healthy, skin nourishing food very soon.

Iodine Use

Some researches suggest that use of iodine has a positive relation with the growth of acne. So you must take care about the intake of iodine which could be in the form of iodized salt etc

Cover Your Bases

You need to cover the base. This means that you should not only apply the anti acne product on the acne spots, rather you should apply the lotion around the acne spots. So that acne could not further spread. But avoid your eyes and lips from such product

The Benefits Of Sunscreen

You might be aware that putting sunscreen avoids your skin from sun damages, but it does a lot more. If your skin exposes to harmful rays of the sun, this can damage your skin further and also cause slow healing of acne scars. With sun exposure either scar will not heal at all, or they will heal very slowly.

Using sunscreen will help the skin to complete its own natural healing process, and natural healing process will result in fair and smooth recovery of the skin from acne

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