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Activities You Can Do at Home During Lockdowns

Updated on March 17, 2020

The community quarantine or lockdowns are being executed around the world to prevent the spread of the virus. The novel coronavirus has infected more than 181,500 people and killed over 7,100 worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University, which is the following cases reported by the World Health Organization and additional sources. The community quarantine will last for a month for some countries. Under the lockdown rules, schools, universities, theaters, bars, and some offices were closed.

Since the lockdown will last for about a month, here are some activity ideas you can do at home while under the lockdown protocol.

Write an article

Write something interesting and share it to the world. You’ll never know it might help or give someone an idea. Think out of the box and you can write anything you want. It can be your travel experience from other countries, tell us what it feels like to be in that country, how were the people, and what the food tastes like. Share your creativity! Give us a tutorial on DIY stuff that can help our daily lives or could help us to make a small business out of it. Share your ideas on the new series or movie you’ve just watch. Was it good? Is it worth watching? P.s. please don’t spoil us. Tell us your review on the new game you’ve just played. Was it good? Just write the things you want to share. That article might worth


Declutter your bedroom

It’s time to declutter your bedroom. If you haven’t decluttered before this year started. This is your chance to throw or give away the things that you don’t need anymore. If you think some items you want to throw but still usable and still has a good condition, sell it online! Sell some pre-loved items to earn money. this is your chance to be minimal and organize.



Exercising doesn’t always require some equipment or the need to go to the gym. You can workout at home with or without equipment. Turn up the music and follow the rhythm and the beat. Sweat it like you don’t care. It’s your time to tone your body because summer is right around the corner. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Today is the day. Just do it!


Cook something new

If you think you can’t cook your favorite meal because you forgot to buy the ingredients at the grocery during the panic buying, why not improvise what you have at home? Try to cook something new and let your family have a taste of your new experiment.

Note: do not use all your food stocks at home because the community quarantine will remain until next month.


Watch some series that you haven’t watch yet.

Have you watched the new series called The Witcher? how about the English comedy series The Sex Education? And the show based on the Archie comics, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3? If not, try watching series that you haven’t watched. Make a list of series and try to watch it with your family. To make it more fun, rate it on your list of series and tell us what you think about these shows.


Play some indoor interactive games with your family

Unplug for a while and play indoor interactive games with your family. Make this lockdown fun to calm your family members from panicking. Play board and card games like monopoly, scrabble, Jenga, or UNO. Refrain from using mobile gadget and bond with your family. At least use a mobile phone for good music to hype up your home and forget about the toxic environment.


Write a story

Being indoor for a month is quite boring, isn't it? Try to open your mind and think out of the box. create your own story. It's up to you what kind of story it is. It can be romance, tragedy, adventure, sci-fi, etc. Expand your imagination. You'll never know how far you'll go on your epic adventure in your own world.


Try a new skill

A lockdown for a month might be your chance to find out your hidden skills. Try different things at your home. Try cooking, painting, playing an instrument, writing poetry or a song, knitting, baking, etc. Improvise the things that are available at your home and take advantage of it. You'll never know you're good at something if you don't try.


I hope this pandemic ends as soon as possible. whoever's reading this. Stay safe and always clean your hands! Our government needs our support and cooperation. This is for our own good.

Let us all thank all the health workers, security guards, drivers, cashiers, supermarket attendants, news reporters, journalists, military, and police. We owe our health and safety to all of you.

© 2020 Aurum Luna


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