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Acupuncture, a Healing Treatment

Updated on July 13, 2013

Life Force Energy Healing

Acupuncture Using Qi to Heal
Acupuncture Using Qi to Heal

What is Acupuncture?

It all began with the Taoist Sage sitting, thinking and attempting to understand the Universe, looking at nature, at humans and seeing unity between man, animals and the whole of creation. That Sage who wondered about how that unity came to be, how it worked and saw systems, paths and wheels of energy flowing around him, he called the Qi, Life Force. Then the Sage sought to understand, to heal, and began to focus on understanding plants. Thus, the Taoist Sage began using his understanding of the universal Qi or Energy Life Force and applied his understanding by devising systemic functions within the body to understand a human's energetic system of power. The body’s spine acts if you will, as a tree standing tall with Meridian Points called, “Chakras” regulating the veins or branches running throughout the body. He identified seven major hubs or Chakras of spiritual energy in the human located in the spine. They were found in the sacrum, naval, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown. Each Chakra has a different Meridian path to regulate in the human system, and each system equal in importance to the life flow of the human body. The Sage personified his understanding of these human Chakra points seeing them as Gods turning the wheel or vortex of all energy in the entire universe including inside the body.

The Holistic Treatment of Acupuncture is based upon the universal principles devised by that same Sage. The Sage used his knowledge about the systemic functions of the human body to develop Healing Treatment technique using points in the Chakras' energy channel to heal the Qi (Life Force) of man. Acupuncture practitioners stimulate strategic points on the Chakras Meridian network of pathways throughout the body to heal specific areas. Acupuncture treatment uses Neurological techniques that can include: pressure, heat or needles. When needles are inserted into specific areas or Auriculotherapy points, it alleviates pain and cures disease. There are Twelve Meridian points identified in Acupuncture that have been connected to the six Chakras or “Yin” and “Yang” organs of the human body. Disharmonious disease, pain, or numbness can be tracked back to its point of origin or Meridian point. The Acupuncture placement point is the Meridian point found on the body surface known as the “Auriculotherapy” point. Extensive research in electrical conductivity has been done in China to confirm the existence of Auriculotherapy points on the Meridian and justify Acupuncture techniques.

Initially, Western medical practitioners were skeptical when Acupuncture treatments became popular in the 1970’s. There was great concern that an inexperienced or incompetent technician could cause someone great harm by performing Acupuncture techniques. Now days, Acupuncture is incorporated into many general practices. The Licensed Alternative Medicine Physician who practices the Chinese technique of Acupuncture can benefit their patients in many ways. It is not uncommon, for a person to have surgical intervention with acupuncture techniques to talk and eat during surgery, then shortly after surgery, getting up and walk out of the hospital lucid as if nothing had happened.

Acupuncture is also well known for its weight loss treatment. I personally have two friends who were heavy enough that their medical doctors told them loose weight or have a short life expectancy. They had tried multiple weight loss diets régimes in the past, so turned to Acupuncture treatments. Their doctor referred them to a licensed Acupuncture physician who placed needles into their ears, the “Auriculotherapy” point to cause hunger to subside. They were instructed that whenever they were hungry, they were to lightly press on a needle. This referral changed both their lives and worked a “miracle,” because it actually relieved their hunger. They both lost over 200lbs of weight each within six months of time. Their Acupuncture treatments were so successful, that they were hardly recognizable to their friends, being but a glimmer of what they had been. Their physician told them that they both had increased their life expectancy significantly thanks to the successful Acupuncture treatment they received. By the way, they state that not only did Acupuncture treatment save their lives, but that the Acupuncture needles do not hurt. They still use them.

The World Health Organization state that Respiratory Tract Infections, Disorders of the eye and mouth, Gastrointestinal, Neurological and some Muscular skeletal disorders respond well to Acupuncture Treatment. It continues to be important for someone seeking Acupuncture treatments to select a physician who is “licensed” to practice the art of Acupuncture. Each human owes a lot to the Taoist Sage who sat down and bagin to think about the universe so that these healing techniques would be possible.


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