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Adderall: Artificially Amazing

Updated on April 6, 2017

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT promoting drug use of any kind.

The intent behind this topic is to help a generation that is so vulnerable to self-doubt, and confusing the true meaning of life with the love for money, fame, and other materialistic possessions.

I used Adderall in specific, since the age groups introduced to this drug are typically the ones, aware and unaware, at a fork in the road. They are the one’s that are barely surviving on the idea of being rich one day as a way to create a stable life void of the need to constantly escape through drugs and other addictive behaviors.

Truth is, not everyone get’s lost and finds their way back with a close of a prayer. Not everyone knows the benefits of patience and self-control (both mentally & physically). So I figured that it’s better to advise those going through hell to experience the effects of a feel-good aid, see and feel the results to know it’s possible. Of course, with an emphasis on MODERATION.

So many people take their lives because they just weren’t aware that life is much more than their current hardships no matter how long they’re been battling them. There are things all around us that can make changes happen in our brains if we only surrender to the pain and let in the feelings linked with love. If a drug has the ability to force our brains to function a certain way that allows us to live a life we feel worth living, then we have to believe that life is in fact worth living and soul search until the strength to naturally let in such bliss opens us up to the path we were always supposed to travel on. The path that the standard of societies around the world have lead many to believe needs to be adjusted to.

It’s not an easy task to gain control over your life again, to re-up your power bars with years of old programming to update.

I say, do whatever it takes to seek your truth but do it with love and logical limits or not at all…because without love and a true desire to improve, no matter what is done in attempt to transform, the results will backfire and only cause more pain and keep you stuck.

Artificial amazement doesn’t make you amazing…being & believing you are amazing, makes you amazing.

What is Adderall?

Oh Addy, we all know her as the girl that got away...that is, when your only trusted supplier moves across the country and you don't want to appear to be an addict by suggesting they mail her bi-weekly.

I'm only assuming...

Adderall is a drug that mimics the feeling associated with entrancement. Come on, as cheesy as it sounds... love is the motivation. Everything we do is induced by the need to FEEL...this is why people become depressed (and essentially cease to live even before they die) they lose the desire to seek that feeling due to a trend of unfortunate events causing them to believe that such a feeling is not in their reach (i.e learned helplessness) No one likes being sad...though, sadness can too, become addictive.

This tiny little combo of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine has the power to completely alter your genetic code...if done responsibly. Sure, Adderall aides in the releasing of norephinephrine, serotonin and my personal favorite...dopamine. However, our brains can actually spout out all that stuff without the risk of dying from an overdose! BUT, since we're all a product of our ancestors...the mindset they had, is inevitably passed down from generation to generation until someone decides to perceive things differently. Basically, if depression is an ongoing struggle in your family tree, you are more prone to also fighting this battle. Does that mean you will fight the battle? Not exactly, unless literally everyone related to you is depressed, including the people you associate with aside from family on a daily basis and all the movies you watch and music you listen to are all deeply pessimistic, then yeah...brace yourself...I am by no means promoting drug use, but you might wanna consider using an aide to assist in focus just to see what it feels like to feel something other than aching misery. Then search for ways to stabilize (or stimulate) your mind to maintain that pleasurable state of being on your own.

Adderall: Autism, ADD & ADHD

Of course, Adderall isn't typically prescribed to those who suffer depression. It's most commonly requested for those diagnosed with Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as a way to stimulate focus along with self-management. I've personally observed extreme focus in many with Autism, mainly on a very specific task of interest. However, the ability to control social factors, such as approaches to social interaction, were limited. With Adderall, they, as well as those with ADHD and ADD become mentally and physically calm enough to both focus with moderation and interact with those around them in a less "eccentric" manner. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is used to extinguish enabling behavioral patterns and incorporating replacement behaviors as a way to balance the focus and self-control we all need to maintain an independent lifestyle on a thriving, upward spiral. ABA has been argued to take away the individuals authentic personality... In actuality, too much of anything, be it focus (which can lead to overthinking and anxiety) or self-expression (which can lead to lack of self-control...which can in turn lead to isolation when life hindering forms of self-expression, such as head-banging and rolling on the floor in anger, are publicly ostracized) can only make life less organized and stress provoking overtime.

The Money Drug

Any aide aside from one's innate ability to function is often given a bad reputation for being addiction starting, when actually, anything can become an addiction. ANY. THING. Too much of ANY. THING can be detrimental, be it a drug, the idea of finding love in another person or one of the not so common addictions in the video above.

Why? Because the feeling that comes with the things we're attracted to is AMAZING. Our bodies come with emotions that allow us to fully enjoy all that life has to offer. This is what separates robots from humans...robots can probably out "smart" many humans but humans can feel...humans can LEARN and experience different emotions based on what they've learned and desire to learn even more and even create something new for the world to feel things about. Robots (Artificial Intelligence to be specific) can only respond from programmed memorization (if it can even be compared to memory). This is why many people risk "becoming" a robot themselves... when they trade in what can naturally promote such a feeling of euphoria in the long run, for what they are told can bring that same feeling x10, as soon as NOW, they've been conditioned to only respond to money-related progression instead of soul-shining enlightenment! They simply regurgitate what they've memorized with little to no true feelings being expressed.

Nowadays money is, sadly, valued over oxygen. Heck we viciously chop down the very things that supply us with it in order to make these little off-green and tan sheets of paper that many will without hesitation, hand in their, once, precious soul for. College students are the #1 victims when it comes to trading in emotions for...well, artificial intelligence. Not saying that college students aren't actually intelligent. C'mon...balancing 19 credit hours (which is approximately 5 to 7 classes for those who said "" to thought of anymore guided learning schedules post-high school) and somehow maintaining a social life and a savings account...and hey, let's throw a baby in the mix... is worthy of praise. As selfish as it sounds, praise is what we all crave, even if it's solely coming from our humble ability to feel satisfied with ourselves. This feeling makes life worth living. This feeling of achievement and endless possibility is what Adderall gives to those who have either:

  1. Been born with an innate lack of liveliness in their DNA (often triggered by negative life circumstances and the inability to bounce back long enough before the next setback unfolds. Therefore causing them to surrender to the doubt of happiness, which only attracts more reasons to feel hopeless overtime) --OR--
  2. Rushed into college with absolutely no sense of who they even really are and what they want to do with their lives tomorrow, let alone within a 5 year dream agenda. Causing them to major in something that doesn't really spark their child-like wonder within (ambition)...but is simply said to make them a lot of mu-lah (possibly...if you know somebody that knows somebody) when it's all said and done.

Yup, even the ability to buy a mansion with 7 pools can't seem to help you develop a passionate focus on a subject that only comes with, you guessed it...actually being passionate about the subject. Many people have a purpose that isn't thought of as the wisest goal to pursue when you don't have a dime to your name ("starving artist")... but that only programs everyone's mind to instantly put the things we actually enjoy doing in the "hobby" category. Ya know, things done for fun if we have the time and energy for it after working 50-60 hours a week at a building that you'd feel no remorse for if it caught on fire. This forms the indication that life isn't meant to be fun. When is! You can actually "adult" without feeling like you've sacrificed any happiness at all.

Be Free, Naturally

Most students turn to Adderall as a way to trick their brain into thinking they are in fact having fun studying a book about computer technology when they'd rather be researching the history of plant sexuality...or something.

We all yearn to be FREE. Obtaining power is how many believed they've found this freedom...for example, Hitler. The less people that have control over you, the better, right? Hitler took the idea of power and did whatever he needed to increase that feeling. Even injecting himself with amphetamines (found abundantly in Adderall) during his journey of hate and genocide. This method of achieving freedom is just as artificial as the power that comes with money and habitual drug use. It however, is externally motivating, even with the artificiality of Adderall...what's being altered is within. Nothing about what needs to be focused on has changed, but the way it's perceived has. What we put our mental and physical energy in, ultimately develops before our eyes in due time. The neurotransmitters that Adderall helps to release makes it possible to focus on what you need to do, all the while. feeling energized in the process. Learning is motivated my attention and the root of all moral happiness is love. Loving yourself opens the exit to the dungeon of self-restriction. Hitler took pride in his ability to control thousands of people, but failed at having any control over himself. The excitement he felt was motivated by the way others viewed him, as opposed to how he viewed his true self...and in the end, turned himself into a loveless, monstrous product of his own egoistic addiction.

Adderall, along with other mind-altering drugs, only gives us a taste of what our minds can naturally do when being true to ourselves with organization, focus, self- realization and control. Finding what opens our hearts and minds allows us to get lost in it without becoming dependent/addicted and seeing it as the only means of satisfaction. Finding the balance is what gives sobriety the strength to naturally elicit perceptional responses to life on it's own that drugs give with artificial assistance.


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