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Addiction and Love

Updated on February 22, 2022
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Xavier is a teacher and Hypno-Psychotherapist in Private Practice in the Isle of Man since 2005.



Judge not lest you be judged

All addiction comes down to every human being's desire to love and be loved. There is only one real truth in the world and that is love. Without love human beings look for the next best thing...pleasure. The problem with pleasure is that it ends and hence the cycle is set up.

A man addicted to sex may have been abandoned as a child, and a woman addicted to shopping may have been neglected as a child. We are designed to survive. However, without the basic resources that come from being brought up in a stable loving environment the subconscious makes its own decisions to ensure we survive.

Sometimes the choices we make to avoid pain involve strategies like drinking alcohol, over eating, over working or any activity that we find temporarily capable of numbing our pain.

If you saw a soldier on the battlefield with his guts hanging out would you tell him it was wrong to take morphine because he might get addicted to it? Would you tell him to face his pain like a man?

Just because we cannot see emotional pain it does not mean it is any less than physical pain. Emotional pain is in some ways worse than physical pain and because nobody can see the suffering, the person in pain suffers alone. Is it no wonder things like drugs and alcohol are in such huge demand on our planet.

It is not just to drugs and alcohol that people become addicted. The list is endless of the things people use to numb their pain. Any distraction from what they perceive as too painful to face is a valid option regardless of how society views it.

Overworking to accumulate wealth at the expense of peace and happiness is socially acceptable. However, it too can be as damaging to the individual as alcoholism. Everyone is addicted to something but not all addictions can be practiced openly.

An Alternative Way to Address Pain

It is the feeling of being disconnected and alone that people seek to numb when engaging in destructive activities such as over reliance on drugs, alcohol, sex, work, social media, to name but a few.

Many people have lost faith in conventional medicine and psychiatry. They see it as symptom based and just another temporary strategy that offers no permanent cure. For these people there are alternative therapies being offered by people who have freed themselves from the slavery of addiction.

There are also many therapists offering hollow cures so you must be prepared to do the research and in your quest may meet some of these. But when you meet a genuine 'wounded healer' you will know and your healing journey can begin in earnest.

Hypno-Psychotherapy is one such therapy that offers a lasting cure but it is important to find the right therapist for you. The therapy addresses the emotional root cause of the problem rather than simply placing a bandage over the symptom. It is a talking therapy using hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and psychotherapy to do the work necessary to resolve the problem.

The therapy normally takes between ten and fifteen weekly sessions but once resolved you will know it. You are always in charge of your own healing journey and your therapist facilitates your journey. This is why it is important to have an empathetic therapist who has gone through what you are going through.

Hypno-Psychotherapy is also called Analytical Hypnotherapy and the video below explains the therapy.

Hypno-Psychotherapy as a Lasting Cure

© 2010 Xavier Nathan


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