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Aerobics Quick Fitness

Updated on February 1, 2014
Jogging provides great nature experiences.
Jogging provides great nature experiences.

Why Aerobics?


Fitness is a most important Life Style Habit because our organs tend to work better and wear longer when they are used. The old “use it or loose it” idea is really important when it comes to fitness because without exercise muscles become brittle, flabby, soft, and your sex drive decreases; and we all know there is more interest in ones sex drive now days considering all the TV commercials! So what is a quick fix for fitness? A quick workout is jogging. All of the runs for this, and runs for that which lends one to believe that “jogging” has become a National pastime, and it would not be so bad if it were really true!


Exercise should be pleasurable to become a regular routine, habit, or it will be put off and forgotten. Jogging can be done anywhere, anytime, and it will add increased stamina and vigor to your life. We never have enough time in the day, so a group of us at work have been bringing in tennis shoes and jog to the local restaurant for lunch everyday. Back and forth takes about 30 minutes a day (15 minutes each way), and we really only need a 15 minute vigorous pace to meet the goal for daily exercise. It’s a no fuss, no muss option, and when it is a team effort, never hard to do five days a week. We all started out slowly with fast walking, then sprints, and gradually to jogging. Remember common sense is your best guide for how much you can physically do so be gentle with yourself at first. Our body was designed for activity and exercise is the key to better health, weight control, decreased cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, less stress and depression. Plus, jogging promotes great socialization. It sure beats standing outside to smoke.


If you do not wish to jog, you can choose from a number of aerobic exercises. Aerobics are a quick fix for fitness. You might enjoy putting on your headset and running through the fields, hills, on a track, or in your neighborhood alone or with a buddy. You might prefer to go swimming at the local gym, YMCA, YWCA or in your own backyard. You might choose to bicycle, walk, jump rope, play competitive sports like basketball, baseball or soccer. The choice of exercise is up to you. Which aerobic exercise you choose is not as important as your joy with the form of exercise you choose. You can try them all to determine something you want to keep doing. Find something you can really enjoy doing for the rest of your life. The high energy that comes from aerobic exercise is an immediate benefit to your body. Aerobics help protect your heart and will keep you happy and healthy longer so choose and enjoy!





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