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Affordable Blood Pressure Monitors - Accurate Monitors at Great Prices

Updated on November 23, 2013

Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors
Blood Pressure Monitors

Affordable blood pressure monitors are important when it comes to controlling hypertension. You can't monitor your blood pressure by how you feel. Often, there are no side effects or warning signs of high blood pressure and why it's known as the "silent killer".

To keep an eye on your health and learn to control high blood pressure, it's a good idea to have a monitor. By having your own monitor, you can check your readings at the same time each day, when it's most convenient for you, and on the same machine so you have consistent readings.

Having a monitor is definitely important, the question is which ones are the best home blood pressure monitors and which are the most affordable.

Affordable Blood Pressure Monitors

Use blood pressure monitors to check the health of your heart.
Use blood pressure monitors to check the health of your heart.

Affordable Blood Pressure Monitors - ReliOn

The most affordable and best home blood pressure monitors are those made by ReliOn - specifically, the ReliOn HEM-741CREL model.

You can find this model at local stores. According to, this model is the best buy because of its affordable price and because its accuracy. ReliOn also let's you know if your heartbeat is irregular, records the blood pressure of several users, and has an AC adapter.

Microlife Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor

The Microlife Deluxe Automatic BP3NA1-1X blood pressure monitor is your second best choice for a home model. This monitor is accurate and convenient to use with a fast reading time. At $70.00, it's a bit pricier than the ReliOn model but also has these features:

  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • Able to download your blood pressure readings to your computer for better tracking
  • Comes with cuffs in two sizes to fit large and small arms
  • AC adapter so it's not dependent on expensive batteries
  • Multiple memories so several users can use the same monitor
  • Risk categories - Lets you know the risk category your blood pressure reading puts you in

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-711AC and Women's Advanced Elite 7300W are next in price range with an average cost of $100.00.

Both of these monitors get high ratings from consumers for accuracy but don’t have all the features that MicroLife has.  The Omron can detect irregular heartbeat and has the risk categories but not the other features of MicroLife

Get Accurate Blood Pressure Readings

The importance of accuracy can't be underestimated when it comes to monitors and controlling your blood pressure. If your blood pressure monitor shows your readings as too low, you might not take your blood pressure as seriously as you should and not watch your diet or take your medication regularly. On the other hand, if you get false readings that are too high, it can cause unnecessary anxiety - something you don’t need with hypertension.

Being able to take your blood pressure at the same time every day, on the same monitor, and with a dependable machine isn't something to take lightly. Check out each of these affordable blood pressure monitors and decide which is best for you and your health.

How to Take Your Blood Pressure Accurately


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