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After Baby Comes the Flabby Belly

Updated on March 23, 2010

The Belly That Hangs Around ...

regnancy and nine months of body changes takes a toll on most female bodies. Besides the stretch marks, many women who give birth are left with a flabby belly. The bump that was cute during pregnancy is more like a deflated balloon, just hanging there, wrinkled and limp! Will that “poochy” gut be with you forever?

Just how long that flabby belly is going to 'hang' around? Getting those abs to return will take some 'convincing' to get it gone. Obviously, diet and exercise are key, but most new moms have more than a trip to the gym on their minds. Sleepless nights, meeting added responsibilities, and trying to get life back to some sort of normalcy takes a lot of getting used to, and is now a priority.

Exercising might be low on the priority list for many new moms, but some simple steps can be taken to melt away that flabby belly and get back abs.

  1. Eat a reduced-fat diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.

  2. Put baby in a stroller and push it around the neighborhood for 30 minutes (or more) every day.

  3. Walk and workout by placing your baby in a front carrier. You can exercise to videos or use exercise equipment at home while your baby sleeps.

  4. Additionally, cardiovascular activity is necessary to burn off the fat in that flabby belly. Crunches tightens stretched abdominal muscles, so begin with just 10 repetitions a week, and work up to more as your strength increases.

  5. The sides of your tummy can be done with the bicycle crunch. Lifting your left elbow to your right knee and switching to the opposite side works those love handles.

Add strength/weight training a couple times a week. You need to build muscle in order to burn fat. Don't set your sights too high, do upper training one day and lower another day. Change up your routine to avoid getting bored and losing interest. Instead of walking all the time, do some cardio exercises that burn a lot of calories.

Working the abs is the top agenda item, here. A great way to tone up stomach muscles is an exercise ball. Working with an exercise ball won't hurt your neck or back, and it is great to work the leg muscles, too.

Pilates, yoga, and many at-home exercise workouts are offered right on your television. When your baby takes naps, it is your time to work on those hidden abs!' Stretching exercises get your body flexible and you'll be able to accomplish more by warming up your muscles before starting. Don't expect miracles overnight, and don't work your body excessively. Sore and stiff muscles tend to make you want to avoid exercising.

Enjoy yourself, get rejuvenated, and take it at your own pace. Add a few minutes to your routine as your body gets stronger. That flabby belly will begin to retreat and you'll get mentally and physically strong. Swimming is also a great exercise, and soothes the body's muscles. You'll be able to fit back into those designer jeans!

Oh, did I mention, sex is another great way to burn calories!


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