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Aging and HGH

Updated on September 24, 2011

Human Growth Hormone, HGH, GH, whatever you choose to call it is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland which declines with age. HGH is usually secreted in the greatest quantities just after you begin a sleep cycle as well as during an intense burst of exercise. This is the one hormone that can have a positive effect on every living cell in the human body.

Within 3 months of starting an HGH regimen, wrinkles start to fade, skin begins to thicken, lean body mass increases while fat decreases. Studies have shown that HGH can help people who suffer from diabetes and there is even research being done to test its effectiveness against Alzhiemer's and Parkinson's disease.

To the human body, is like manna from heaven, it increases bone density and causes organs that shrink with age to return to their youthful sizes (yes gentlemen, even that one!). HGH will make you feel good and look younger.

Even after the first week of treatment you will feel more energetic with a positive outlook. This is only the beginning of a wonderful ride back into youth.

Some of the action of HGH is the liver's conversion of it into Insuline Like Growth Factors (IGF) one and two. IGF-1 and IGF-2 help to metabolise sugars in the bloodstream as well as utilize fat stored in adipose tissues. HGH can build lean muscle even if you don't work out!

Ok, enough about how this miracle of glandular secretions will affect your body, let's look at how to get more of it into your system!

I don't recommend HGH injections because although effective, they are very expensive. The best method to increase your HGH levels is to produce it yourself by encouraging the pituitary to secrete it. This can be acieved through the use of secretagogues, or boosters. Gensing has been known to Chinese folk medicine for thousands of years and gensing extracts are found in most health food and nutrition stores.

For a greater volume of secretion, you may look to products that contain extracts of the velvet bean such as the 'power full' brand found in most weight lifting nutrition stores. This type of secretagogue is a very effective way to encourage the pituitary to do what it did when you were younger: supply your body with growth hormone.

Unfortunately, you cannot take actual HGH by ingesting it as the digestive juices of the stomach would break the molecule down into simple sugars. There are drops and sprays which can be administered under the tongue or inside of the mouth, but I don't recommend these for two reasons. First, they usually contain alcohol, which is not good for you. A recovering alcoholic could be induced to "fall off the wagon" simply with the taste of the sublingual suppliments. Secondly, they may contain porcine (pig) growth hormone. We are not pigs, so why would we take pig hormones when our bodies can be encouraged to produce HUMAN growth hormones? The presence of pork could also present Jewish and Muslim patients with some tough ethical choices.

Whichever way that you choose to increase your level of HGH, you will see the differences, praise them, and enjoy them. Your quality of life and vigor for it will blosssom again. You don't have to worry about having too much HGH, that would be like worrying that you are too healthy. If you want to see what the effects of large quantities of HGH can do, just look at children; their blood is boiling with it.

Get well, get young, get HGH!


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