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Aging is a Combination of Factors--Some are Unknown

Updated on September 9, 2012
Aging process continues throughout life, and aging affects all individuals and all body organs. It is a form of functional impairment that grows greater after reaching maturity. Eventually weakening the ability to withstand stress, strain and distress, and the risk of illness and death increases correspondingly.Most processes in the body to slow down and so on.

What controls the aging process?

 It is not known with certainty. But there is reason to believe that it is related to heredity and wearing down of body parts. There are several scientific theories about what is driving  aging. One theory that is most strongly held  is that our genetic material controls aging. That is, we almost have  a kind of biological clock that is ticking away our life.

- It's a known fact that members of some families live long and suffer from few diseases. In other families, the life span shorter ...

- Yes, and it strengthens the assumption that genetic factors are crucial for aging mechanisms. It has been speculated that one can extend the human aging process and life expectancy with genetic engineering. But I think the little ones. Among other things, because there is a aldringsgen, but many - very many aldringsgen.

Natural aging and disease

Are aging and disease two sides of same coin?

Disease is more common among older than younger people. Much of what people take to be age symptoms are actually disease. But it is important to distinguish between disease and normal aging, as the disease often can be treated as you become more fit again.

The aging process  leads eventually to reduced reserves and reduced emergency response in the body. This means that the risk of disease and injury increases, while the ability to survive illness and injury goes down

In the old we find that age deterioration can follow  a course where something starts out as a slight infection progresses to a serious condition with multiple organ failure, such as heart failure, hypotension and renal failure.

Can drugs slow aging?

Can medications delay aging?

 Especially in countries with weak or no-drug control, there are many products marketed as remedies against aging. But no drugs have proven efficacy. 

A real "rejuvenation pill" is yet to be discovered. Because we do not know what controls aging, we have no resources that can completely stop it.  To be sure there are marketed a range of products, especially the health food industry, which claim to prevent aging. These products have questionable value.

Can we affect aging?

Yes, to some extent. People grow old in slightly different speeds. This is partly determined by heredity, but also to some extent on how you manage to counteract the aging process.The best advice is good nutrition, ample exercise and sunlight, to avoid environmental toxins such as tobacco and other harmful substances and to provide plenty of mental and social activity.

Age and wisdom

 Age and wisdom belong together naturally 

Indeed, there is much wisdom among the elderly. One aspect of psychological aging is the security and dignity older people often have, which is built on long experience of life. Life Experience and psychological ballast is of great importance for how the mind and the soul fare  in old age.  The differences in thoughts, feelings and intellect is greater in the older person than in any other group of the population.

What is important for quality of life?

Interviews with older persons have shown that the following points are important:

  • Health 
    - Physical (absence of disease and disorder). 
    - Mental (a harmonious mind).
  • Safety 
    - Economically. 
    - Rights (due process). 
    - Physical (protection from violence, crime and accidents).
  • Freedom 
    - Independence and self-reliance. 
    - Economically.
  • Beauty 
    - Art (visual art, music, literature, dance, etc.). 
    - Nature.
  • Faith - belief. 
    - Religion.
  • Love and relationships with others


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    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Well said buzzbee. Rated up!

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      jayjay40 6 years ago from Bristol England

      Great hub with lots of good information. I have rated it up

    • sisterofdummy profile image

      sisterofdummy 6 years ago

      Nice hub. I don't like getting older, but it is a part of life and beats the alternative.