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Ain Sakhrir: an ancestral tool for healing the sacral chakra

Updated on May 7, 2012

Ain Sakhrir healing through love

Ain Sakhrir a calcite sculture of two people making love, 11,000 -10,000 years old Judeia
Ain Sakhrir a calcite sculture of two people making love, 11,000 -10,000 years old Judeia

The earliest representation of the sexual act


Ain Sakhrir is both the name of the region in Judea where it was found and the name for this particular piece of white calcite.

This piece is dated between 10,000 - 11,000 years, and it is part of the permanent exhibition of pre-historic artifacts at the British Museum in London.

Depending on which way you look at it, you will either see a carving depicting two people on a sexual embrace on sideways view, a heart shape if looking from top, the shape of the pineal gland if you turn the figure upside down. The object has an overall phallic shape.

Th is piece the earliest known representation of two people having sex. They are both upright on a seated position, locked on an embrace, face to face. The slightly larger figure has the arms around the other’s shoulders, the smaller figure has the legs around the other’s waist.


On an intuitive level, this stone carries ancestral memories of sex practiced for fertility rituals at particular times of the year. After ritualistic purification of both the male and female participants, they would engage in ritualistic copulation as the means to worship a divinity, normally with the purpose of promoting abundance, fertility and wealth for the whole community. A child resulting from this union would often be consecrated to god worshiped in the ritual.


Ains Sakhrir is a tool for clearing of the Sacral, Heart, and Crown chakras, and for bringing in new spiritual blue prints, also for integrating them; bringing heaven on earth; clearing obsolete ancestral codes from the genetic code, using light as the means for purifying both at individual level and at the collective level of the genetic pool.

It works through two pathways, as a current of light, penetrating the pineal gland, descending unto the heart for greater opening, and receiving and storing energy at the sacral area, and then circulating it back up to the pineal gland for further anchoring of the practioners'spiritual connection through their sexual energy.

The pineal gland is the organ for absorbing light, stimulating it's absorption, and for activating new spiritual codes into the CFS, creating a two polar action between brain and kidneys.

A a spiritual level the union between the human's masculine and feminine aspects of an individual is integrated by the pineal gland, and anchored at the sacral chakra.

The human being has four ethers: warmth, light, chemical and life. These four ethers are paired up, stored at the crown chakra and the sacral chakra.

These pairs of ethers is inverted in the male and the female: males have chemical and life ethers in their crown chakra, and warmth and light in their sacral chakra.

Females carry warmth and light ethers in their crown chakra and chemical and life ethers in their sacral chakra.

There is also a symbolic association between the biblical tree of knowledge and the tree of life held in the Garden of Eden.

There is a yearning for the union of these four ethers in every human being, only then can a true sense of spiritual completion be achieved.

Just like in biblical mythology Adam and Eve were able to eat from the tree of knowledge but unable to eat from the tree of life before their transgression was discovered and punished, resulting in their fall from grace, and expulsion from the Garden of Eden leaving a genetic imprint of guilty, a sense of impending death, and permanently unfulfilled desire to return to their spiritual home; so the average individual yearns for the sexual union with a member of the opposite sex as a symbolic replay of the act of being in the Garden of Eden and in perfect union with All That Is.

This feeling of being at one with All That Is can be temporarily achieved by the sexual union: the four ethers become united at the sacral chakras of the couple: masculine warmth and light with feminine chemical and life ethers.

This union is however short lived, and not truly fulfilling at a spiritual level when is only happening at the sacral chakra level and without the involvement of their heart chakras, leaving both partners with a feeling of void and separation afterwords.

The true harmony of the masculine and feminine should result from the union of the invidual's own crown chakra and through their spiritual development. Only then can ethers can then pour into the sacral chakra, the holly grail. The "cup" can then be filled with ever lasting grace, harmony and true feeling of being at one with All That Is. In Alchemy the Pineal gland was known as the "Divine Hermophrodite".

Ains Sakhrir is a remedy for facilitating the union of these four ethers, purification of the cranio sacral fluid, activation of sexual chakra for the spiritual purpose of the crown and sacral chakras, harmonising the sexual energy of couples in a committed loving and long lasting relationship.

Ains Skhrir is part of the Undercover Homeopath remedies, a range of vibrational, homeopathic and shamanic remedies created by me.

You can order this remedy, as well as a wide range of my other remedies. You can also book an appointment with me either at my London clinic or worldwide via Skype.

Please use the "contact urban healing" button at the top of this page for details.

Undercover Homeopath Remedies


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    • Urban Healing profile image

      Claudia Dias 5 years ago from London

      Hi Beena, you can email me on for price and delivery charges. Blessings Claudia

    • profile image

      Beena 5 years ago

      How can buy the Ain Sankrir?

    • Urban Healing profile image

      Claudia Dias 5 years ago from London

      Yes, and I'm new to hubpages: still so much to learn! That's why it is great to be part of this wonderful community to interact and learn from each other.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

      Thats okay, I have done that loads of times! lol! especially when I edit something and add a capsule, it goes all over the place!

    • Urban Healing profile image

      Claudia Dias 5 years ago from London

      Dear Nell thank you for your nice comment, and thank you also for your appraisal on the formatting: I must've changed it accidentally while adding a new capsule it's now back to normal. Blessings Claudia

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

      Hi fascinating hub about the Ain Sakhrir. There are so many of these pieces like this being found, I particularly like the old Earth Mother statues. Hope you don't mind me mentioning this, but it would be better if you widened the text to cover the screen, okay? looks a bit narrow, cheers nell