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Air Purifier | A Healthier Lifestyle Through Cleaner Air

Updated on July 27, 2011

Did you know that indoor air is frequently more unhygienic than outdoor air?

Studies from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) found that indoor air pollution comes from an assortment of sources like pets, plants, mold spores even the chemicals used in cleaning your house. It seems the number of causes that make indoor air unhygienic to breathe; more so for babies and the elderly is expanding. This is becoming an increasingly common problem that households face. Indoor air purifiers can help remove these pollutants and allow you to sleep better and to overcome seasonal allergies and colds quicker

HEPA Air Purifier

Never heard of an air purifier? It's all good

An air purifier is an household item that minimizes the amount of airborne irritants in a room or house depending on the particular size of the air purifier. Basically it’s a device that cleans indoor air. This is helpful for people who have allergies, asthma, or other breathing related problems.

How do Air Purifiers work?

Air purifiers are traditionally distinguished based on how they clean the air: HEPA filtration, electrostatic precipitation, and negative ion generation. There are air purifiers that use a few of these technologies together. In addition some air purifiers also have the ability to remove viruses, bacteria, fungi and odors. Activated carbon blends and a variety of other substances may be used to capture gases and odors.

Most home air purifiers have a simple and effective process to purify the air.

  • Pre-sift – These grates trap larger particles such as dog hair and dust bunnies.

  • Charging Wires – The positively charged wired attract the smaller particles.

  • Electronic Precipitator – attracts the finer particles

  • Actual filter - This absorbs smells like cat litter and turns them into fresh air

  • Ion boost – some purifiers emit negative ions that helps freshen stagnant air,

The Best Place to put Your Air Purifier to get the most for your money

Find the Source.

When you find the source of a contaminant such as where someone smokes or where the dog lies down, place your new air purifier near them. If you’re unsure of where to place it or can not find the source, simply put it in the room you want your clean air to be. You shouldn’t place you air purifier flat against the wall. It’s best that the air purifier have room to breath since it is cleaning your air.


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