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Albinism and sun exposure – Part 1

Updated on May 18, 2015

Most albinos try to stay away from sun as much as possible because they have had a bad experience of having sun burns due to staying exposed to sun for even around half hour. I too had similar experiences and suffered lot of pain due to that during my childhood. Since then, I made it a habit to stay completely away from the sun and also my parents were on the same opinion.

However, I used to have the healthiest food but still I didn't feel the level of fitness that someone of my age should feel. There was something lacking. I then overheard somewhere in a milk drink advertisement about the importance of vitamin D in someone's diet for better health and strong bones and muscles. It even pointed out that the most prominent nutrient for bone and muscle health, calcium, is of no use if you do not have sufficient vitamin D in your body.

I realised how my lifestyle was completely lacking of this important nutient, vitamin D. I immediately started verifying the facts about this topic. I learnt that a normal diet will never be sufficient to provide recommended amounts of vitamin D. Then I learnt that the best source of it is the sun. I also learnt that the best time our skin could produce vitamin D is during 10am and 3pm, thats because, more the intensity of the Sunlight, more would be the production of vitamin D inside your skin. And yes! I also verified that whatever was in that ad, was absolutely a fact and additionally I also found out that more calcium and insufficient vitamin D can actually do more harm than good.

Now, I had verified the importance of vitamin D and how it can be procured, but, i now wanted to verify how can I start getting it because as per my past experiences sun was my worst enemy. I researched more, took information from fragments here and there and finally came to a conclusion that albinos can actually produce vitamin D far more effectively than a brown skinned person. How ? Read more to find out!

Please note: The link pointing towards the continuation of this article will be updated soon. Please stay tuned! Please feel free to comment if there is anything that you agree or disagree with facts mentioned above so far.

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