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Alcoholics Anonymous ( Suicide never crossed my mind).

Updated on May 27, 2016

Alcoholics Anonymous ( Suicide never crossed my mind)


Alcoholics Anonymous ( Suicide never crossed my mind)

Alcoholics Anonymous ( Suicide never crossed my mind)

Alcoholics Anonymous Affiliates.
Narcotics Anonymous.
Angels on Earth.
Brothers and sisters.
Sons and daughters.

Alcohol consumption in our teens which is supposed to be socially exceptable, fun, almost clipped our wings as we would be reckless and lose all sense of sanity when intoxicated.

Having no opposing thoughts, when it comes to responsible drinking, 1 drink is too many, 100 drinks are never enough.

Spending a large portion of our wages as well as pocket money on the bottle.

Good times, along came the cash, with growth at work, bigger houses and faster cars.Living a dreams, the night life, pretty girls, and expensive whisky.

I started drinking on weekends.Then thursday to sunday.Then even during week days.

Even when I was at work all I could think of was getting to a pub, chilling with boys and ordering a few drinks.

Time flies when you having fun.

Before I knew it I would blow my months salary on one weekend, binge drinking. Left with the rent money, groceries, and petrol for the month.

It gets worse 1 drink is to many.100 ‎drinks, is never enough.

I have not paid rent in 6 months.My wife loves me, my drinking drove her to leave me, the irony. I have not seen my daughters in 3 months. It has been 9 months of hell.

I lost my job, bad references present on my CV hamper my chances of me ever getting employment again.

What have I done with my gift of life?How did I end up in this mess?I can't put the bottle down, I can see it clearly in my mind these booze are gonna be the death of me. Without my family I am nothing, how could I let down the purest form of support and love in my life, my wife and kids?

2 days sleeping on the streets.Suicide never crossed my mind, I do not want to die! Yet what is there left to live for I have lost everything.

I haven't bathed in two weeks.Sex seems like a luxury.I watch a red golf 7 GTI pass by, while I lay on the side of the street.I drank my wealth away, my wife, my kids, the house the car I lost it all.I still have a court of Castle in my hand, damn liquor, I have lost everything, it is just you I can't let go of you.

Where are the pretty girls?Where are my friends?Who is to blame?Where is God? If he exists how could he let this happen?What am I to do, I do not want to die, suicide never crossed mind.

God's Poet NkosiNkosinathi Ncala

Sobriety can mend broken souls. It all starts with a choice to sincerely never want to PICK up another drink again.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is an unconditional medium to help save lives and reclaim your sanity.

Thank You Fellaz, God bless you ladies.

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