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Alcoholism Signs and Symptoms: The Alcohol Abuse Symptoms You Must Know!

Updated on September 10, 2009

Alcoholism Signs and Symptoms: The Alcohol Abuse Symptoms You Must Know!

Drinking alcohol is something like a pastime for the party people of the world. If there are people around having loads of fun, they are probably drunk. You probably have learned how to drink at a very you age or in college--most definitely it was in college. Some can shake this very harmful habit, however there are others who keep the spirit of drinking further into the future of their lives. You are probably interested in alcoholism signs and symptoms. Overall, you are probably really wanting to know the effect that alcohol has after all the years of its abuse. Therefore, I will now write about the different types of alcohol abuse symptoms that exist.

The various alcohol abuse symptoms are as follows:

  • There be feelings of fatigue or drowsiness.
  • You behavior might resemble that of someone who is bi-polar.
  • You will lose your ability to speak normally. You will slur a lot of your words.
  • There will tons of unnecessary aggression toward the people around you.
  • You will have problems staying focused on easy tasks like talking.
  • You will have the inability to make decisions that are beneficial to yourself. Basically, you will make bad choices.
  • There will be a lot of trouble with your coordination, and therefore, walking will seem very difficult.
  • You will forget a lot, especially what happened that night.
  • You will notice a general state of drunkeness.

To avoid these alcoholism signs and symptoms...well..stop drinking. If this is a problem for you, seek help now. Go to your doctor and ask him or her about how you can prevent yourself from drinking. They will teach methods that might save your life and the lives of the people around you. Call them today.

If you believe that you have the symptoms of alcohol abuse, you should try taking the alcoholic test. The alcoholic test is available online. It consist of a series of yes and no questions. It will ask questions like, "How often have you had the feeling of guilt after you have had a single drink?" and "Have you hurt someone like a friend or family member after a drinking episode?" You can find these alcoholic test by doing a simple Google search. Give it a try if you are concerned about your current situation.

I have written about the different kinds of alcohol abuse symptoms that people can experience. They commonly found in people that have been drinking for years. If you don't drink a lot, congratulations. You will not feel the alcoholism signs and symptoms that come with the abuse. I hope you learned something today--if not, keep researching.


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