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Allergies: What you can do

Updated on February 5, 2013
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I'm sure you've heard a multitude of reasons behind allergies. Causes such as genetics, pollen, using harsh chemicals etcetra. Many chronic suffers of asthma and eczema usually have a familymember who suffers from it too so yes, in some cases there is indeed a genetic predisposition to allergies. Do not fret though because there are remedies that you can access readily.

In a lot of cases, according to TCM or traditional chinese medicine, one suffers from allergies usually when one's immune system is run down; not up to par. Another causative factor could be due to poor circulation of blood or qi (the vital force in our body)

So what can I do to help remedy this imbalance? Just like anything, balance is key. Those of us who've had experiences with weighing scales or pool water treatments and/or knowledge of acid base science will have no trouble that having the right balance is important and applicable to so many everyday situations.

Remedies and what you can do

Hayfever, an all too familiar phrase we hear in our lives. The runny nose, watery eyes...not to mention the sneezing! Yes I did suffer from this as a teenager and ocassionally when I'm really worn out. Guided by treating the cause rather than isolating on the symptoms, I began focussing o ways to build up my immune system. Hence I began taking Vitamin C; not just by itself but at least 1 gram dose of Vitamin C combined with hesperidin and quercetin which are flavonoids that help our body defend against allergies more effectively. Another home remedy one can try especially if you have lots of mucous congestion is to drink fenugreek tea daily. Just add hot boiled water that has slightly cooled to one flat teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and let it steep for about 15 mimutes before drinking.This doubles as a remedy to increase breast milk supply as well.

Other methods to try include engaging in regular exercise. This does not need to be strenous like weight lifting and such. Activities such as swimming and walking are great for improving blood circulation and take you one step closer to allergy free existence. Watch my hubs for more health tips.


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    • Purple Falcon profile image

      Nat Holistic Health Professional IAHT IANLPC 4 years ago from Australia

      Thanks Peter. Appreciate your comments. Happy to continue contributing my articles toward helping people throughout the world.

      Kind Regards,


    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 4 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Excellent article discussing the difficult subject of allergies

      Kind regards Peter