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Aloe Vera and the Heart

Updated on July 22, 2014

Heart disease is 90% prevention


As I'm watching the news the other day, there they are, discussing the number one killer in the country, heart disease. At that moment I felt compiled to write this article about Aloe Vera and the positive affect it has on the heart. So, here we go. Heart disease, as almost everyone knows, or should know by now, can be prevented or at least controlled, simply by knowing that heart disease is 90% a matter of prevention ...with proper diet, the reduction of STRESS, moderate exercise, the elimination of toxins and the lowering of the LDL cholesterol and elevating of the HDL cholesterol in the system. Remember, we talked about "lifestyle habits" and that all habits are equal?

Consider this, in a series of studies of the many primitive societies where the lifestyles are uncomplicated and the food is simple and mostly free of fat, it has been found that there is almost no evidence of heart disease or complications such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension, angina pectoris or diverticulitis.

The Baby Boomers that are not paying attention …need to take notice.

"Sugar Shacks" you think they cause stress?


On the other hand, when we study the typical modern, industrialized countries with the stressful schedules, two family incomes, fast food restaurants, microwave meals, "sugar shacks" on every corner and the annual sugar intake in pounds that some people couldn't even lift. We can step back out of the circle and see just what kind of STRESS we put on our heart and the cardiovascular system.

If there is any doubt that heart disease is a by-product of our modern "lifestyle habits". Consider this. On average, every American adult is overweight. About 1/4 are technically, clinically obese. Over 80% of the population experience high levels of STRESS daily. Americans consume nearly 60 pounds of granulated sugar a year in the food and soft drinks he/she eats and drinks. By the way, get this, triglycercides fat in the human system appear to rise in direct proportion to the amount of sugar or sucrose a person takes in. Hmmmmm!

Information on heart and Vitamin C

Aloe Vera shows no toxicity record!!


Over half of the Americans that have high blood pressure, much is related to obesity and high levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in their system. Not to mention the amount of fast food, junk food, cigarettes and over 100 million Americans may live in areas where the drinking water is considered to have levels of chlorine, fluoride, chemicals and pollutants that make it unfit to drink ...with 3/4 of the population living in areas where the air is considered to be hazardous to you health.

Aloe Vera helps make improvements in less than 48 hours.

With these "lifestyle habits" of doom and gloom, is there any ray of light? And again, without a doubt, yes there is, just give it a try, this remarkable plant, Aloe Vera.

In test after test, when Aloe Vera is added to the blood samples with high fat and cholesterol, in every test, the Aloe Vera showed a dramatic reduction in both LDL cholesterol and Triglycerides in less than 48 hours.

These same tests also showed a significant rise in the HDL or good cholesterol. Now that is some good news!!!

Drink plenty of clean water. added benefit with the use of Aloe Vera as a treatment for heart disease. When using the Aloe Vera as a treatment, there is absolutely no relative toxicity recorded. In some cases, it has a better toxicology record than tap water.

Speaking of water, my recommendation would be, drink plenty of clean, fresh, filtered water and at least "four ounces" of Aloe Vera every day. And above all else, know your supplier.

Cartoon game giving you that visual idea of eating correct.

I welcome your comments!

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    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 9 years ago

      GreenResources, we are all going to die, correct ...but the average lifespan today is somewhere around 72-74 for men and 80-84 for women why are so many lives cut short at 35-60 because of heart disease of some kind? ...mostly due to "lifesyle habits" that have been proven over and over again. 

      When I talk about lifestyle habits, please pay attention to what you eat ...because if you don't, they (who ever they are) will be paying attention and it will not be for your health, but for profit. Check out videos and information on this hub You will see why you need to pay attention.

      The average person believes it is too much work and will let someone else do the work.  Just like a business, that is not a good idea.  If you do not know what is going on in your business, someone will steal your lunch!!  Don't let it be your life.  

      As for the (nursing home)...I agree with you. So why not give prevention a try to enjoy a few more good years ...those in prevention are taking the time and paying attention to details (ingredients fed to us) ...Life as we know it is a one time shot ...there is no redos!!!    

      Thanks for the comment, you can evaluate our Aloe Vera ..we are Number One!!

      Thank you for stopping by and for joining my fans ...My best to you and your health!

    • GreenResources profile image

      GreenResources 9 years ago from Thailand

      GJ, I love your hubs and am reading thru them, little at a time. I think you and I were seeing the same news station on heart deease being the #1 killer in USA. I agree whole heartedly (no pun intended) with your opinion on the subject of keeping your cardiovascular system working properly by reduction of stress, effective exercise and proper diet.

      But, my mind took a slight different turn on this heart disease issue. I never hear much said about the age of the persons that die from cardiovascular complications. We all will die due to at least one bodily organ not funtioning, is not the heart attack perferable to say cancer or AIDS?

      We also hear much the media talk about the increasing lifespan of the North American citizen. Little or nothing about the quality of the increase. Like, I would rather be dead at 70 with a heart attack. Rather to life for 20 years confined to a senior care center (nursing home) with doors that do not open from the inside and wearing diapers (without permission), and taking handfuls of pills 3 times daily partially to keep me out of pain and zombified. And lots of worse things I decline to mention here.

      Good article, where do I get your Aloe?