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Aloe for extremely burned skin

Updated on April 23, 2012

My poor Aloe plant

Severe sunburn relief

I have to say after my bout with Skin Cancer almost 2 years ago I have been really careful with my skin out in the sun. I bought the strongest sunscreen with clear zinc oxide to cover just about every exposed part of my body. Unfortunately my recent episode with Lyme Disease and the antibiotic Doxycycline made me super hyper sensitive to the sun. I was advised by the pharmacist and did take measures to protect myself, I thought.

I wore long pants, long sleeves, the hugest hat, boots and had my sunscreen on underneath before I started to mow the farm one Saturday morning. I started early in the day knowing well that the sun would not be as strong. I really thought I had taken every conceivable precaution to keep my skin safe. Obviously not or this hub would not exist.

It does take a number of hours to mow my farm. Lots of trees, fences, shrubs, horses, dogs and their toys to mow around. I did do it early though like I said before. I thought I had covered all the bases, except one. My freaking hands. Who would have thought that sunscreen alone would not have been enough? Who would have thought "I should have worn gloves" to mow the yard?

Obviously not me as that is exactly what happened. The worst sunburn on the backs of my hands I have ever, in this life time, experienced. Funny thing was it did not hurt right away. It seemed to come on gradually and over a period of days. Yeah they seemed a little pink, then red, then almost purple by the end. It has been 2 weeks and they still have red on them where the burns were.

It wasn't until I tried to go to sleep that I noticed they didn't feel GOOD. Not horrible they just didn't feel right. They felt tingly and hot. I went to the trusty linen closet where I keep all sorts of remedies both over the counter and holistic. I tried putting on burn ointment, it burned worse so I wiped it off carefully. I then took a few homeopathic treatments that were aimed at the ailment, no help.

I tried the traditional sunburn spray Solercaine that everyone takes to the beach, thought I would die with that one. Something was really wrong with my hands, I started to cry. It was not almost midnight, I was exhausted and freaked out. I couldn't call anyone since they were all a sleep and I didn't dare wake them. I text my daughter in California to ask what her doctor gave her for sunburn and she couldn't remember, some help.

I then thought of the time I dropped an iron on my thigh while ironing (another story). It burned me almost to a third degree burn. I had an ALOE plant. That was it. I always have one somewhere in my home as I tend to get myself in these predicaments. (see other hubs).

I went into the kitchen and cut off a huge arm off of my plant, I did apologize. I then sliced it down the middle and gutted it in long strips from the inside of the plant. I found telfa pads in the linen closet along with gauze and I proceeded to lay the aloe strips along the back of my hands. This was a gross looking mess but I could care less if it felt better. I was tired, dehydrated (from crying) and fed up with this situation.

Once I finished bandaging my hands I took a sigh of relief, took a Tylenol PM and laid down praying for sleep. It felt so much better quickly I went right to sleep. Next morning I realized I had not moved, guess the pain kept me in place. I wanted to see the damage from the night before so I gingerly unwrapped my poor hands. It was the strangest thing. The aloe had completely disappeared except thin paper like pieces that looked like thin layers of Bakalava. You know those really thin almost see through layers. It was dry as a bone and as light as tissue paper.

My hands still hurt, they were still so sore, I could not bathe, rinse them or even let air blow on them. The skin was tight and hot to the touch for over a week. Each night I did my ritual with the aloe and each morning they looked better and hurt less. By the third night I was tired of this mess and prayed it would be the last night. I had to gingerly care for my hands and not make contact with anything. I couldn't put my hands in my pockets or touch them together for well over a week.

It was the craziest ordeal to have happen. Just what I need all the symptoms of Lymes and sunburn, lucky me. I learned a lot about photo sensitivity and when they warn you listen if you are a fair haired, light skinned, blue eyed person. I will NEVER forget to be careful again.


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    • karmicfilly profile image

      karmicfilly 6 years ago from Franklin, TN

      Peachpurple: Thanks for the info I will try it myself. Aloe is a wonderful plant and so under used.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 6 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Interesting article. I have aloe plants at home and used them for my skin too. Take some time to heal sunburn and makes skin look better. I even mix its flesh for jelly too!