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Alternative Medicine: Folk Tales or Real Medicine

Updated on March 16, 2019

How did people survive thousands of years without all the advances in modern medicine? Were they generally healthier? In recent years there seems to be a disease for every problem the body faces, and modern medicine has found, and continues to find thousand of new dieseses every decade. It is common knowledge that in the past most people did not live as long as we do today. It is possible that in the past people had that many diseases, and either they did not live long enough or did not know what they were called. In the past people generally had healthier diets between higher nutrient content in the soil and not having processed food. We can thank modern medicine for things like open heart surgery keeping heart attack victims alive. But what about alternative medicine, can it save heart attack victims? Yes it can.

Alternative medicine is more than just drinking herbal tea, and putting a poultice on wounds to speed healing. It is a way of life. It is not having to be in that hospital bed in the first place. Watching what you eat, and growing your own organic food to prevent heart attacks is part of alternative medicine just like not eating greasy cheese burgers and french fries. Modern medicine likes to say that "If heart attacks run in your family then you are highly likely to have one." Is that because family members usually share similar lifestyles, genes or both? Hospitals are my worst nightmare, I don't like needles, and all you can do is hope everyone knows what they are doing.

Not only can hospitals be a scary place, they are expensive. Sure it's easy to choose a cheese burger for $1 or organic vegetables for more than twice that much, but in the end that hospital bill can be a hundred times that much.

So what about minor bumps scrapes and bruises or something not worth paying thousands of dollars for at the hospital? I'm not saying that you should never go to the hospital, because they have saved thousands of lives. But many people refuse to go to the doctor over small things because of the price. So rather than treating something early on while it is not that big of an issue, the problem festers and gets worse. Take warts for example. Because of the price someone doesn't go to the doctor, and then three months later that same wart is still there but with three more.

The key to alternative medicine. Don't take any advice seriously, research, research, research, and if you don't know what your doing, don't do it. Especially don't take anything internally without consulting an specialist in alternative medicine, or a doctor. Even when using tomatoe on your face for a facial, start off with a small amount in a small area, then let it sit there for a while, and if you notice any signs of an alergic reaction wash it off immediatly.


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