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Amazing New Fat Burning Weight Loss Tip!!

Updated on October 19, 2014
Adam Kipling aka Coach Kip
Adam Kipling aka Coach Kip | Source

Walking early for amazing Fat Burn Effect

Remember how I told you how important it is to have a low blood sugar level when it comes to burning fat and losing weight? And how grapefruit and cinnimon and other foods help you keep a low blood sugar level. Well this leads me in to another very powerful yet very unkown tip that I promise if your able to do it, you will see results quickly.

Your blood sugar level is at it's very lowest when you first wake up! Think about it, you've been fasting for 7 or 8 hours, your body is doing a ton of maintenance and repairs and changing while you're in la la land dreaming about swimming in a pool filled with chocolate milk! Wait that's my dream.. anyway.. when you wake up your blood sugar level is extremely low! Does that mean you should work out first thing in the morning? Maybe, but to get an intense workout you are going to need energy, and we get energy from food, and food raises our blood sugar level. So I would not recommend going to the gym when you first wake up without eating anything, but here is what you can do for amazing results! If you have the time before work or if your able to wake up a little earlier than usual then do this.. Drink about a half a cup to a full cup of black coffee. You can put a little milk in there but black coffee is better, and the key is to not sweeten it even with artificial sweetner becuase it is still not 100% clear if artificial sweetner raises your blood sugar level. Anyway the reason for the coffee is to A) help you wake up and B) the cafeine will increase your fat motabalism! That's what we want right?? Ok, so you drank the coffee, now what? Go for a nice brisk speed walk! Do not Jog!! We want to keep the intensity low! Why is that you ask.. well there is a threshold where if your cardio or heart rate goes past a certain level, you will start to burn calories from carbs rather than from fat! You still burn calories from fat when doing intense cardio, but you really really target them while keeping the intensity low. Hence the reason why walking is a great thing to do for anyone at any fitness level. I see body builders in my gym walking on the tredmill on a high incline rather than running, becuase they know this tip and they want to target calories from fat!

So lets go over this again. You wake up with an extremely low blood sugar level. You drink a half or a full cup of black coffee to kickstart your fat motabalism. You then go for a nice brisk walk, preferably with some hills involved, for about a half hour to 45 minutes. This will not only burn a ton of calories from fat early in the morning, but it will also have those endorphins kicking in nice and early and that is a great way to start the day. If you are able to do this a few times a week to everyday, I promise you will lose weight much faster than you are already. You have to add this to what your already doing, don't substitute it for your workout out, but add it to the mix. And please remember this... It's not how you start the day that counts, it's how you finish it. This is an amazing way to start the day for burning fat, but you still have to eat healthy and be discipline all the way untill you go to sleep that night. You can easily ruin the whole day of work by eating what you know you shouldn't late at night. And what is it that you know you shouldn't eat?? All that junk that RAISES THE BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL!!

Do you have time before work to go for a brisk 30 min walk?

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