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Amazing benefits of Zumba

Updated on August 28, 2015

A Great Way To Stay Active

Well, I bet it won’t sound unfamiliar to you right?

Yes, Zumba, a fantastic dancing or may be so-called “party” that has been incredibly grown rapidly in popularity with its Latin-inspired dance-fitness workout in recent years. It has amazingly attracted millions of exercisers with a fun fusion of dance moves like Salsa, samba, mambo, cumbia, Merengue, Reggae and Flamenco as well as jitterbug.

Coupled with energetic music, it’s no doubt a great way to both stay active and have fun while enjoying it.

Why Being Addicted

The first and first reason that everyone seems to be so addicted to the Zumba is simple enough that it’s really a great and fun dancing workout that make every one so enjoyable during the whole session.

Besides the fun and enjoyable, of course, it does have lots of amazing benefits that I bet no one can resist to make a stop to it.

Amazing Benefits

Let’s find out what are all the benefits that make quite many of us go crazy.

  1. Weight loss – well, shake those calories of yours away in style with Zumba. An average of 400 - 1000 calories or more in a single hour depending on the intensity of the workout. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong, that large amount of calories will be burnt in just only one hour, and your stubborn fat will just melt away in the fun way that even without you notice the effort it actually requires.
  2. Get healthy skin – having some skin problems? Clear and beautiful skin is always a sign of a healthy body. We all know that in order to have a healthy skin, we need to drink a lot of water to help flushing out all the toxins from our body. Since Zumba is one of the killer workouts with the catchy music, you will notice a visible improvement in your complexion after no time as we are sure to generate a lot of sweat after each from the get-go, and we will be forced to drink a lot of water during and after each workout. Ha-ha, get what I mean?
  3. Strengthen your heart and lungs – this extremely fun workout incorporates a lot of routines that will improve your cardiovascular systems which is again extremely helpful in your fight to lose those unwanted pounds.
  4. Body toning – Zumba allows you to effectively tone many parts of your body from head to toe at once. Wonder what’s it got to do with strengthening your core and tone your muscles simply by joining Zumba? Well, the very time when you are in the Zumba session, you are actually incorporating with the traditional fitness moves like squats, twists, lunges, leg lifts and so forth. Tons of your muscles will then be engaged which thus allowing you to tone your entire body without even your realization but of course, provided you do it right.
  5. Full body workout – Zumba does provide a work out for the whole body as it is both a dance and fitness class. You will surprise to find it touches on nearly every muscle and joint. Well, from the head and the shoulder rolls which loosen up the neck and warm up the upper body, it includes too the footwork that strengthens and stretches calves and ankles.

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6. You’ll make new friends – no matter what your character is, be it shy or outgoing, you are sure to connect to those interesting and fun people.
7. It’s upbeat and fun – yes, you will never can have the experience of feeling bored during the Zumba session which the music is so upbeat and energetic to motivate you to perform the intensive movements.

8. The perfect stress reliever – Reduce stress and clear your mind. A highly active sport that involves rigorous dancing and infectious music which essentially gives you a chance to dance the stress away. If you are thinking of getting rid of all that stress you accumulate unknowingly during your daily life? Well, Zumba, a perfect stress reliever you would never expect from it. Try it if you never do so, get connected with Zumba, it’s one of the best ways to fight depression as it releases high amount of mood-improving endorphins (happy hormones) in your body which you will find your worries melt away as you lose yourself in those upbeat music and moves.

10. Build endurance – a little doubt on this right? How to build endurance? By Zumba dance? Well, because of the fast pace music played, it builds up your endurance easily after only a few workouts and this builds up your anaerobic endurance rather quickly to help to maintain a good cardiovascular respiratory system.

11. Improves coordination – coordination? By joining Zumba? Well, it might not sound that important on this matter to you as it doesn’t seem any chance to come across it in our daily life. However, you will appreciate for sure as it will be extremely important to maintain the coordination as you grow older.

12. It works for everyone – As there is no large learning curve in Zumba, it makes everyone even the first timers can simply jump right into the class and follow along the instructor. Besides, there are different programs designed for children and elderly. So, no matter what your age and sex is, as long as you don’t have any physical factors, fitness level are not necessary to take into the consideration.

13. Greater confidence – increase self-esteem. As you enjoying the Zumba, you’ll lower your inhibitions unexpectedly. You will feel good and great about yourself as you gradually find you have better coordination and mood; you will appreciate your cheering appearance at the later time.

14. Revs metabolism – a high rate of metabolism is a strong indicator of a healthy body. So go ahead with Zumba that can provide you a better way of burning calories to boost your metabolism. To achieve the weight loss goals, you must never have a sluggish metabolism. So count the Zumba in, it will give your metabolism the boost it needs.

15. Lowers blood pressure – great news to those who are having the high blood pressure which often leads to health issues like heart disease and stroke and etc., but of course, a healthy diet and good rest with well-balanced mood are to be considered at the same time.

16. Boost immunity – The best way to improve overall health and boost immunity is not others but exercise. We know Zumba is an intensive workout with lots of physical activities that stretch the limits of our body; our blood that carries immune fighting cells to much needed areas and improves our ability to fight off diseases gets pumping to every part of our body and thus improves our body function.

17. Increases flexibility – finding yourself too hard to touch your toes or too hard to bend your body? Come on, besides yoga, do try some Zumba, you’ll be amazed enough at how much your body can stretch after a few try on Zumba.

Let's Zumba

I bet you have now realized what's the magic behind this exercise craze that is taking the fitness world by storm and frankly, besides the benefits that I have just shared, I am so addicted to it as it is one of the ultimate fat burning activities that will have me sweating with minutes and I love it so much as it is so exhilarating that filled with good feelings and party-like fun.

So if you are still there wondering how and what you supposed to do to get yourself started, come on, spend your day wisely, get your dancing shoes on and right away, let’s Zumba!


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