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America, don't feel guilty if you want to workout and take care of yourself.

Updated on August 23, 2014

Take care and accept a new "present" everyday. It is called "morning".

Working out isn't a crime.

As in my own experiences in life, I have loved physical fitness.

Now let me just state this off first hand, I will be the first one to stand up for any of my sisters in the world that ever made fun of if they are "too thin" or not "thin" at all because basically I don't like any of my sisters in the world to be picked on because what they look like.

In my own life, I have been condemned sometimes because one of my passion truly is physical fitness and no, I am not an athlete per say, just like doing this for myself.

I never had to enter a gym or fitness center to pick up men when the times of my life I have been at my best form, nor when I was in my 20's at mere weight of 80 pounds at the height of 5 feet and 8 inches tall did I have to have a guy's compliment on me for being that skinny or in the past having a 6 pack and once again entering a gym or fitness center, because I was there to workout.

Maybe that's why at gyms and fitness center men just have accepted me there, because I was there to workout there and understood why they wanted to workout.

I think In America where we have things handed to us, way to easily sometimes, people may not want to work to get in their best form.

Hence they have the money (and yes people can do what they want with their money) they can easily get a stomach operation, botox, plastic surgery, steroids and do things to help themselves to look better.

Women can sleep with men to help get those things and hey more power to them right?

But the one thing is, people are angered in today's society in America if people really love physical fitness, "some" of those that don't workout get angered and start bad mouthing the people that do workout.

How fair is that?

Now if people don't workout, should we turn around and call you "lazy", that indeed would be wrong, which I tend to think sometimes people do say that.

If people truly love their own lives and are truly happy, then they wouldn't be angered by people who are taking care of themselves because they would indeed be focused on their own lives.

I am indeed happy and feel much better the more I workout.

My joints feel good, my back, my stomach and I think more clearly.

I have talked with women who want to get into working out more, but it seems like those that are around them will not support their decisions and end up talking those that want to workout.

Sometimes people that don't want to work out, try to "guilt" trip those that do want to workout.

I learned no matter what anyone says, I am not going to feel guilty for wanting to workout.

I do this for myself and it isn't selfish for wanting to feel good and to have better health.

Once again the more I workout, the better my knees and other parts of my body and I want to stay out of the doctor's office as much as I can.

I mean now a days, who can afford medical bills and even "just" going to the doctor for a visit.

Look at half the prescriptions out there advertised on commercials, in which the advertisements stated at the end of the commercials really fast, sometimes causes "death"

Now I am no doctor and I don't say do or don't use medication, but it scares me to death when something that is suppose to help you might have a slight chance of killing you? or when sometimes you take one medication and you have to take a second or third medication just to take the first medication. That confuses me.

I always thought if you take something to help you, you shouldn't be on it for the rest of your life, but who am I to say, I'm not a doctor, but sometimes medications just scare me but in life I guess you got to take them to keep you alive.

So I try so hard to explain that working out and exercise, even in moderation is a very positive thing to add to your life, because it could possibly add a few more years.

But who am I to say, I just know what works in my life and I should never have to feel guilty because I want to improve myself.

Of course there are times where I like to read books and be thrilled with other things in my life.

But I am very thankful that I am able to get up every morning and be able to look up at the sun or the clouds and see what each day brings.

As long as I wake up and see that each day is kind like a brand new "present", I will always be like a little kid on holidays and just excited to see what each new present will be when I open it up.


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