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An Exercise can be Fatal

Updated on October 10, 2015
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A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Business Management Major), I worked my way through multisectoral exposures.

Run For Your Shape

Not all form of exercise is healthy. Some are fatal and could pose a severe danger to your body system.

If you are one of those career men and women who are likely to live on rush hours, rush jobs and instant meals, surely you could be one those many who would instantly take a break once they have realized they had earned extra pounds of calories. This moment of realization could send you into a wild panic. Right after office hours, the minute the office clocked strike five, you hurriedly rushed back to you home in search of a gym where you may shred off even just a pound of those unwanted fats.

For anyone to be fit, a daily and regular exercise is advisable. Indulging in a strenuous and vigorous exercise like lifting heavy weights or running for hours on a treadmill, in a hope that those excess fats that you carry will instantly die a natural death is really absurd! Fats are hard as our heads and not unless you take an instant laser liposuction to get them out of your body, they will keep on reminding you of your bad eating habits, which is of course, the very source of everything.

If you are out of shape, a regular exercise can improve your heart and physical condition. However, if you had not been doing any exercise for the past few weeks or months, mild and simple exercises are advisable. Even running is a risk for you.

Have a Simple Exercise

A 15-minute workout is enough for an active man or woman like you to keep you going while on busy days. You do not need to look for an expensive gym to do your exercise but have it in the comfort of your home. Here are some simple exercises for you to consider:


This is the best way to start up an exercise. It will prepare your body to handle the physical activity that will follow. As we all know in Science that our body needs oxygen and that we get it from the air through the process of exhaling. This intake of oxygen will help us burn unnecessary fats in the body and help our mind to breathe. On the other hand, we give out carbon dioxide for trees to take in. Through breathing exercise, we help both our heart and brain take enough oxygen to help them function well.


Rotation is necessary for our body to loosen up your joints and hinges, as I call it. As one grows older, movements are limited to some body part while some have minimal movements. Joints and ankles usually have lesser activities compared to muscles . You can do this activity by simply rotating your neck, shoulders, hip, knees and ankles. Repeat each process as many times as you can.

Stationary Jog

Doing a stationary jog is comparable to running or taking a brisk walk which could be vigorous if you are doing it outside your home. But if you do it inside your bedroom or living room, you could easily stop when you think your heart cries out "STOP!"


When I talk here of jumping, I don't mean a long jump or a high jump as done by an athlete. I'm referring to that simple jumps you can do by doing a small jump and landing on both feet with feet wide apart and your both hands clasp over your head and then at the back of your buttocks as you move them alternately.


Bending is really not that easy as you have to bend , bringing your head toward the floor but you need not fold your knee joints. Then go back to your standing position. At first, you will feel the rushing of your blood supply in the blood vessels and this will give you a momentary nausea. If you're new to this activity, It means that it really helps in your blood and oxygen circulation. This could also be painful to the back portion of your legs as muscles are being stretched out.

Benefits of a Regular Exercise

According to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, people indulging in 3-4 times a week of regular exercise reduce their risks of having a heart attack or death from it. Although only a minor portion of them had it during their exercise and a greater number during their rest. An attack normally happen during resting hours of the heart and not while it is working.

Having a routine exercise will not only keep your muscles firm but keeps everything in your circulatory system to flow freely. With the proper distribution of oxygen in your brain and right delivery of blood in every blood vessel leading to your heart, no way will you be in danger of a blocked blood vessels. By doing a proper exercise, you increase your heart's ability to pump blood into your body and decrease its rate of a heart rest. A heart rest is when a heart attack is likely to occur.

A Little Workout can do a lot

Do You Have a Regular Exercise?

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Basis for an Intense Exercise

In order to tune up your heart and muscles, you need to consider 3 important factors in doing your exercises: Frequency, Duration and Intensity of your activity.


Exercise must be as frequent as 3-4 times a week. More than that is considered over than what is required normally by our body system.


You can do your exercise for at least 20-30 minutes. If you can't do it straight for thirty minutes, then break it down into 3 ten-minute session exercise. There are some forms of new exercises that don't involve strenuous activities but just breathing exercises concentrating on using oxygen intake to burn undesired fats. Don't you think this is a better alternative to take?


A good workout need not involve heavy panting or making you feel out of breath. It could be a slight to moderate body movement that involves proper inhaling or exhaling with varied body positioning. There are some instructor who will teach you on how to distribute oxygen intake to desired body parts in order to burn fats in that particular area of your body.

An Indoor Exercise Can't Harm You

What is involved in an exercise?

Being physically fit means having a healthy cardio vascular system and muscular system. This means a healthy heart and good muscles. In doing an exercise, always remember to benefit these two important parts of your body system and not to do it rigorously so as to burden them until such time that they could no longer function properly. Exercises aim to improve these two body parts as both are involve in circulating blood in our whole body system. It could be that the heart pumps the blood but also remember that your muscles contain all those tiny blood vessels that carries blood to your heart. Muscles also play an important role in the circulation and are not just there for display .

Doing a Little Workout Helps

Overcoming Weight Gain!

Weight gain can be troublesome! Many women on their menopausal stage usually find themselves gaining more weight than when they had during their younger days. It is because, a hormonal change is one factor of weight gain. Production of hormones in the body is lesser during the menopausal stage which allows down the metabolism. Though weight gain at this stage is gradual, it can lead to obesity.

Because weight gain is caused by a change or a decrease in physical activity, it can be countered through a regular daily exercise habit. start slow at first and work your way till you reach a moderate level routine. There are a few things though that you need to watch out for when you are having your workout. You must be able to carry on a casual conversation with a workout partner. If you can't and you got that fast palpitation in your chest, then you're probably working too hard and must slow down a bit unless you want to suffer from a stroke. Also, watch out for whar's happening to your body. }Perspiring much is a normal indicator that your body is still in great shape even when you're getting fat, and the absence of it means trouble!


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      Alana Niall 3 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Great advice. Voted up and useful.