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An Independent Owner Review Of The Livestrong LS13.0T Treadmill

Updated on October 9, 2014

Livestrong LS13.0T Treadmill

Control Panel
Control Panel | Source

First Impressions

The Livestrong LS13.0T is a well built unit with a sturdy frame and a long running deck. It definitely has a gym-like quality feel. This treadmill has a listed shipping weight of 350 lbs and requires several strong bodies to move. I needed 4 people to get it into my house. It is recommended that you do not remove the unit from the box until you get it to its final resting place. I suggest that you follow this recommendation because, once it is out of the box it is even more difficult to move.


Summary of Pros

  • Very sturdy with gym-like quality feel. This unit is solid and feels like it could survive a tornado.
  • Easy to assemble. It took me about 1/2 hour to assemble by myself. I recommend having 2 people as some of the components are heavy and having an extra set of hands can be very helpful.
  • Has 13 programmable features to challenge novice or advanced user. Workouts can be can be tracked on line via the supplied USB memory jump drive.
  • Has an incline that adjusts smoothly and automatically with the selected program.
  • MP3 hook up that allows listening either though speakers or quietly through head phones. This is a really nice feature. The speakers are decent quality but the option is there if, you want to listen through your ear buds or headphones.
  • The unit operates quietly when in use
  • Has a heart rate monitor on handles or wireless with a strap. It's nice to have the option. I simply use the handles for heart rate monitoring.
  • Has a built in fan to keep you cool during your work out. The fan is very quiet.
  • Has a nice, easy to read display.

I used masking tape to calibrate the belt center.
I used masking tape to calibrate the belt center. | Source

Summary of Cons

  • Very heavy in the package but fairly easy to move once assembled.
  • Adjusting,lubricating and centering the belt can be tricky. The owner's manual indicates that the belt is tightened at the factory and there is no need to tighten however; the manual also indicates that the belt should be lubricated (lubricant is supplied with the unit) before first use. In order to lubricate the belt, you have to loosen it. This is contradictory and confusing.
  • No calibration marks for the belt so you have to eyeball the belt to see if it is centered. I measured over from both sides and used tape to mark the deck where the belt should be. Livestrong could remedy this by using calibration arrows. This is inexcusable for a unit of this quality.
  • Occasionally my foot hits the front plastic Livestrong cover at lower speeds.

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I highly recommend the Livestrong LS13.0T treadmill because of its gym-like feel. I really like the study construction. The drawback of adjusting and centering the belt kept me from giving it a 5 star rating but overall, this is a very high quality treadmill.

My Rating

4 stars for LS13.0T Livestrong Treadmill
Side view
Side view | Source


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Very comprehensive review.

    • Bruce A. Beaudet profile image

      Bruce A. Beaudet 5 years ago from Canada

      Hi SarahJane,

      I did get a USB jump drive. You may want to contact the manufacturer and find out if it was shipped with your unit.

    • profile image

      SarahJane 5 years ago

      Did you get a USB key with the treadmill? I did not, and am not able to get my workouts to transfer or software to load.