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An Alternative Insight Into Our Internal Civil War Of Mind v Spirit

Updated on February 11, 2013
Bee On Sunflower
Bee On Sunflower | Source

I have a strong mind and this in itself neatly shows how there are no definitive properties of what constitutes good or what constitutes bad. Sometimes having a strong mind helps to pull me through difficult situations, such as having cancer and sometimes having a strong mind leads me into difficult situations, such as having cancer!

The constant need of my mind to analyse, intellectualise, systemise, structure and control probably cannot be appreciated by most people. That sounds rather patronising but I certainly didn't have a clue myself just how far reaching and subversive my control systems were until after the shock of my cancer when I began to observe and unravel the mystery of how I arrived at that place when it was so far from what I believed to be my intentions.

And I don't mean to say that my mind is the enemy either because as soon as I realised what had happened my mind got right on board and started to fix it….it analysed it, intellectualised it, systemised it, etc etc.

It's really hard to stop the process being a continual cycle of perpetuating that which seeks to heal itself from being that which needs healing….because the only part of me which would want to stop is…the mind!! Doh!

Mairela Retreat Across The Water
Mairela Retreat Across The Water | Source

I could go on and on with this example with all the convoluted twists and turns it makes as my mind tries to "protect" me the best way it knows how to from these seemingly very real threats. I have a strong mind, it will hyper-analyse all of this subconsciously and it won't bother me with the petty details because it doesn't want me to know about all of this because it doesn't want to distress me.

If I didn't practice self-awareness as an automatic way of life then I would be none the wiser about this inner dialogue. Some folk think that is a good reason to stop the meditation and self awareness but ignoring or being ignorant about the inner dialogue wouldn't make it go away and it won't stop the very real effects that it has on my health, physical, emotional and mental.

People are quite often surprised and shocked when they arrive at Mairela for a healing holiday to find that "doing nothing" and just relaxing are a large part of their healing week but that's just another fine example of our beautiful minds trying their best to protect us from harm by devising a check list of "Things to do" to make us safer and more peaceful.

Eventually the irony of creating long check lists of "things to do" in order to create a more peaceful life dawns on us all.

With that in mind I'm not going to suggest anything about "What should we do about that?"

Brightest Blessing to everyone!


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