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An Open Letter To A Cutter...Parts I and II

Updated on January 2, 2010

(C)-MFB III-2009

The tools of a trade.... off for a healthier life.
The tools of a trade.... off for a healthier life.

A tough love message for all who cut

 An Open Letter To A I and II


Part I

I cut teeth as a baby,
I cut class in school,
I didn't make the
cut for football,
I cut farts a lot,
as a kid, big long rips,
I got cut once or twice
in the Marines,
I cut an umbilical cord
on a baby I delivered,
I cut the leash off a
drowning puppy in an icy lake,
while the mother tried
to slash my throat with her teeth,
A good friend cut my wrist
when we were box-cutting at work,
I bled like a stuck pig,
and squirted it at the police officer
when he pulled us over
on the way to the E.R.....

He cut in front of us
sirens blaring

the rest of the way.
I cut my mamas hair ....
a small lock just

before they cremated her,
I cut off my sister
who has 13 kids

and always wanted a handout
and then abuses me

when it isn't enough,
I cut down on smoking
and then quit,
I cut off a sweater
I was wearing that caught fire,
I stood on a high bridge
and thought about jumping
over some stupid girl

who had left me,
then I cut and ran from there
leaving death behind
I cut in a few lines
and got primo seats,
I cut some coke in my time
but realized it was

snot fun anymore,
I've cut my fair share of cards,
and big piles of cash,
I've kissed the cuts of
little ones and made them better,

"I wish I could do that for you
...cause I've never cut myself,
but I've gone to get some who did..."

One boy in the Marines
swallowed eight razor blades

just to get out of boot camp.
he broke 'em in half,

and swallowed them 

but he lived............. 
of course he wrecked

his stomach and his diet

for a long time.

But you know....
if I had cut myself

bad enough
I might never

have been able
to think back now

on all the joy and love,
lust and sheer pleasure,

thrills and chills
and pain and sorrow

that made me stronger.

Things I might have missed
for the split second

joy of slicing my flesh.
and I am so glad that I left
any cutting scars

out of my memory.
maybe it's time

you cut it out
and started to live...
before God calls

out the end
of your next

hack scene

with a loud...."Cut.!!......."

Part II

Slash a gash
till you look
like a road map.

Numerous red lines
crisscrossing white flesh,
each a highway to
alleviate depression.

Scars are the cliff notes,
from your book of sorrows.

It is where you
jumped off reality.

Does it really get
the attention you crave?

Why not just slash your face?
Then you'll really get noticed.

No more hiding
the marks of your despair,
under long sleeves,
show the world
that you can cut it
but only if you do,
cut it that is.

But don't cut to deep,
there's an artery
or vein in there
with your name on it.

Most lovers prefer
their partners unmarked,
there is something unsettling
about caressing skin
that feels like a screen door,
which makes for a good exit line.

Find a dart board
and post your picture on it,
then whale away with sharp points,
till you can't see
yourself whole anymore.

Enlarge an inter-net picture
of yourself, life size,
mount it on some plasterboard,
over some Hollywood stage blood bags,
and slash your pseudo self,
into a bloodspattered frenzy.

There are much better
solutions then blood,
Know that as a poet,
I love you, and understand
angst and despair.

I have slashed
over 4,000 times
with a pen, a pencil,
some keys,
and let my poems
bleed my feelings,
No scars, just
lines of comfort.
My fingers can cut
what I don't like,
erase what is unsightly,
and let others notice me.

Try a new form of cutting,
cut me down for this poem,
take a slice of my heart,
at least it will
keep your hands busy,
and you won't have time
to be cutting yourself down.

Cut out this poem
and put it next
to your knife,
your razor,
your band-aids
your downfall,
then read it
before you play
Tic-tack- doe-doe,
on your flesh again.

Sincerly ~~~MFB III-.ArtWhimsically Yours Studio


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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      I tried to cut it out as you suggested and cut my lap-top screen. You wouldn't believe the stuff that comes out of there!

    • lisadpreston profile image

      lisadpreston 8 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      This is good.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      I'll take a cutter over a trimmer any day!