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An eMail from 50 Caliber

Updated on December 27, 2012
50 Caliber's wonderful avatar here on HubPages
50 Caliber's wonderful avatar here on HubPages

Email from “50 Caliber” to “GusTheRedneck”

Here is one of the several eMails sent to me by our friend, Dusty Tibbs. Usually he did not write so much as this, but he was a man who would often have deep feelings about some things and wanted to let us all know of his thoughts.

We'll miss Dusty. According to what he said here, there were times when he felt like folks kinda slipped up about missing him. That was probably why Dusty liked his HubPages friends so much. He knew how we felt about him – and still do even now that he has gone on ahead of us.

Hi Gus,
you are quite right but I didn't need to tell you that. We have a huge number of turning to get this done and most don't bother to know their next door neighbor, at least that was my experience back in the late 80s and right up to the day I left. I doubt anyone missed me. Had some that told me they "loved me like a brother" I sent them hand written letters to let them know my address, and never heard from any since.

Gus there has to be an answer in this somewhere, I reckon it'll have to start with the states taking back their constitutional power and refusing to send the money to Washington. Maybe that's separating themselves from the union? Seems the central states that have more land than people, are the most willing to stand up and say no more. I had a US map of the out line of the states and Texas as well as Arizona was in the section colored for refusing any funding for Obama0care and at the time it was 25 states that cut the nation into two pieces. Wish I had the picture to show you.

I'm forced to wonder if they really have the gumption to follow through with succeeding from the Union and coming together to do,(inside their own state) what Iceland did.
I'd like to see America go after the bankers first and tell China and other places "sorry we are not paying back money borrowed by by people who were not authorized to do so, Welcome to capitalism, if you want a level playing field, Become a state!"
People wonder whose behind the curtain, and I know full well it is the bankers. I don't owe any money to any one, and have sacks of the old coins in silver(95%) and gold bullion in the smallest denominations I could buy it and it is in my hide away places not theirs.

I still have money in accounts and my monthly repayment checks for SSI and 70 percent of my pay for a leg that is a mere pittance, but payment nonetheless. I have mediocre tri-care but better than nothing, and have a panel that determines whether or not I get covered. I think January of 2010 I was allowed a test procedure of replacing my heart valves with pig heart valves, that removed a mechanical valve that ticked like a bomb, the harder I worked the faster it got and it freaked people out around me. I think learning to sleep with out my ticker was harder to get used to than learning to live with it. They say agent orange was responsible for the growth of my enlarged heart and liver. They took out 2,5 pounds of my liver, my gall bladder and appendix while they were doing my 2nd open heart surgery, they said they had 3 surgeons at work in my opening all elbow to elbow. Not discussed before hand. They lifted my right lung and found 2 cysts that were grown to my rear rib cage and removed them.

They were cut open and presented to me in a jar. I had told them that I got shot in the side by a little yeller feller in a close scuffle that left me with a burned area of about a 6 inch circle and the LT. filed the report as my falling onto the rocket tubes mounted on our huey as rockets were being fired and that was what caused the burns.

They were right I fell after being shot in that side and I filed the crew chief report of being shot and then falling onto the hot tubes. The crappy x-ray equipment of the time in Subic Bay, failed to find any evidence to support a gunshot wound to my chest area. They said after my last surgery that the wounds were most likely over looked due to the burned area that they grafted skin off my butt to cover. I measured the bullets and they, to the best of my ability were fired from a Russian 5.45x25 sub machine gun and had reached the end of their range and capacity to do more than get inside between ribs and both stopping on the same back rib and my body just covered them with a fat growth into little half inch cocoons. They resemble the arrow heads I have cut from deer that had been hit with a bow and the shaft of the arrow unscrewed and came out leaving the broad head behind and their system growing a cyst around them. I have gotten 2 arrow tips and a couple bullets from deer over the years and when I saw the jar contents I recognized it immediately, and told my surgeon about it and he later produced a copy of my medical report, from 1969 and moved it into the jacket of 2010. An example of the time I suppose, some things get better, I know the pain of deep breaths are gone and the Gallbladder was not the reason, a young surgeon to be lifted that lung and saw them and was told to go ahead and remove them. I talked with him post surgery and asked why he was lifting the lungs and he said he was just looking at the path of the diaphragm and it's condition after 60 some years of up and down on a non cartilage piece of anatomy and we talked about that because I used to play biology on deer, elk, antelope etc. to see what the best area was to aim, or place a shot to bring a fast kill sans as much pain as possible to my harvest.

Sorry for such a long email, but perhaps you enjoyed it? I get windy at times and I just have failed to check and see how you are doing these days.

I just finished tearing my jeep to pieces and reworking all the mechanical parts and up grading the axles to the good old dana 44s and planting a port fuel injected 6 in place of the old 4 cylinder. Repainted all the under body, frame and axles, transmission and transfer case. and all like new. Added a hard top and have it sanded to paint the hard top tan/brown but can't decide on the body, I now can lock up my gear, and if I get another 23 years out of it I'll be 100 years old and probably need to stop driving, ha ha ha.

I've got two grandsons due to be born in August toward the end or into early September, Both will carry my last name as my girls never married, and I thought that I was the end of the line as my brother never had kids, so a great surprise.

I reckon I need to shut up, but I'll keep you in my prayers, you've been on my list for some time now.

Much Peace and Blessings,


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