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An Illustrated Guide to Build Resilience in Life

Updated on July 18, 2019
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Build resilience continuously in order to grow and be a better person who will be able to serve his or her purpose better on earth

Why you should be resilient


What to do when bad thoughts and actions keep wanting to rule you

Bad thoughts and bad-mouthing are unacceptable to God. Bad meditation as well he cannot stand. You cannot be meditating on how you can pay revenge on the people who have wronged you as that is not helping you at all as an individual. We constantly need to work on our thoughts as they determine our actions. So what to do with bad thoughts that keep creeping in resulting in bad actions? Paul in the book of Romans talks about the renewal of our minds so that we understand what is the acceptable and perfect will of God.

Your mind has to be renewed so that you stop hurting yourself and the people around you. Mind renewing leads to mind shift which corrects your thinking. Renewing your mind and Mind shift is a conscious effort that you need to embark on your journey to function in your purpose.

Building resilience requires replacing false thoughts with truthful ones. Get rid of self-pity, be responsible and take corrective actions towards problem-solving. When we wage this war, we consciously direct our thinking, and with hard work, we replace our automatic, destructive thoughts with thoughts of hope, truth, gratitude, and sometimes even mindful gratitude. Transforming our thinking is how we bounce back from life’s hurts and build resilience. Notice that we are doing nothing with our circumstances themselves. We are addressing our perspectives and our thoughts regarding the circumstances.

When I hear the word resilience, I immediately think of a bouncy ball. When you throw a bouncy ball onto the floor, it bounces back higher than its starting point. The harder you throw it down, the higher it bounces in reaction. The resilience of the ball defies gravity.

Can it be so with our hurts in life as well? Is it possible for our tragedies to propel us to bounce back? Could we ultimately spring back in better shape than we were before we were slammed to the ground? Absolutely! Friend, you too can bounce back. I know you can because I know the God Who can lead you to resilience!

Of course, God works according to His timeline, not ours. He is a process-oriented healer, walking us through our hurts and our healing rather than around them or away from them. Will you trust Him to begin taking you through your pain? It’s time to bounce back. Give yourself the privilege of that opportunity. Just because you’ve been stuck doesn’t mean you have to stay there. God will bring blessings out of your curses. He wants you to bounce back.

What destructive thoughts tend to come to your mind often? What do they suggest about how you think about yourself? What positive thoughts could you replace them with? Remember your positive thoughts will lead to positive actions acceptable to God. Keep practicing the positive thoughts by saying what you think loud about yourself and before you know it you will be a completely different person.


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