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Why Aravind Eye Care System Has Emerged to be the Best Eye Care Facility Globally

Updated on September 7, 2021
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About Aravind Eye Care System

Aravind Eye Care System based in Madurai City, India is among the largest provider of eye care services in the world. The health care facility has a capacity of handling an approximation of 6000 outpatients, 1000 surgeries, and conducting examination for over 1500 patients. The Organization’s core mission as set by its founder, Dr Govindappa Venkataswami is elimination of unnecessary blindness among individuals. This task involves provision of total eye care especially to India’s vast array of people suffering from eye problems including visual impairment. The founder, and other management partners were triggered to initiate these projects since the outreach camps organized by the other NGOs and the government could only reach 7 % of these people in rural areas. Hence, Aravind Eye Care System was established in order to reach and assist more people in rural areas. Currently, the institution has seven base hospitals operating in Kolkata, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu among other areas. There are also 5 eye clinics and more than 36 community centers (Velayudhan, et al, 2011).

Organization and Staffing

In every community eye clinic, there is one ophthalmologist, five staff members, one medical record staff, one technician, a councilor and one paramedic. Every vision center has one refractionist/technician, an optician, and a councilor. The outreach program by Aravind comprises of six camp managers, eight-administration assistants, and 26 organizers for camp programs. The pattern of staffing differs for each type of camp. Camp organizers are responsible for setting the targets in terms of beneficiaries, and the number of camps to be organized. Aravind considers its human resource as the core of its functions. Doctors are therefore, compensated accordingly based on market rates as part of motivating them to perform their roles effectively. In addition, these personnel are selected based on their expertise and attitude towards the job, thus the reason services at this firm are deemed impeccable.

Aravind’s Approach in Its processes

The aim of Aravind Eye Care is to offer quality eye care at affordable prices. It focuses on providing eye care services to all calibers of people, irrespective of their economic status. However, at the same time, it endeavors to be financially self-sustaining. The eye care system provided by this entity includes ophthalmic equipments, eye banks, a manufacturing plant for supplies, community outreach programs, a medical research foundation; community based basic and secondary eye care clinics, consultancy services, education and training. Two thirds of its patients are given free eye care services, through the revenue acquired from one third of patients who pay for the services. Aravind has a culture where employees are accountable for the services they provide, disciplined, and responsible to patients. The respect, and concern shown to patients despite their economic status, has over the years helped to boost the company’s image in the long run. The company endeavors to take care of people with visual impairment, and providing necessary treatment on eye related health conditions.

Aravind approach is reinforced by high productivity, which is supported by high volumes, its people, and technology. Large volumes of operations sustain its low cost operations. Additionally, the large volumes assist in recovering equipment costs in a faster manner in comparison with the longer payback times associated with many other, similar entities. Further, Aravind is focused at recruiting capable practitioners, and those with the right attitude on the job. It also trains and motivates them accordingly in order to work efficiently and produce better outcomes. The productivity of practitioners in this entity is far higher than the productivity of similar firms in this locality. This is because at times, they performed multiple responsibilities. Effective management of the health care services has also been very helpful in leveraging the cost of providing free services to patients of poor economic status.

Services and Operations

As at present, Aravind conducts cataract surgery as well as a multi -specialty eye care. It also specializes in treatment of cornea disorders, retinal disorders, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology, low vision, and Uvea disorders. This firm also offers rehabilitation services in the case when the eye problems are untreatable. Other services and operations by Aravind include community outreach programs with services such as eye screening and treatment for various eye related problems for all different groups of people. These programs also offer hospital appointments when necessary.

Pricing of Its Services

In general, Aravind provides competitive rates for its services in relation to the rates offered by similar entities. This means that they charge a relatively lower fees from its patients compared to their competitors. However, patients who pay for the services are those with middle or high economic background. Patients from low economic background are often given free services including consultation and surgical procedures, which do not need expensive supplies. In recognition that there were patients who could not afford any type of services, the organization also provides free accommodation, postoperative medication, transport, food, and health follow up.


Velayudhan, K.S., Sndaram R. M., Thurasiraj (2011). Aravind Eye Care System: Providing

Total Eye Care to the Rural Population, University of Western Ontarion, Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation


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