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Anger Observed

Updated on January 21, 2016
The fantasy we all dream of.
The fantasy we all dream of. | Source

Storm Brewing

What makes you angry? Maybe it's something small, like the sound of humming, or a buzzing fly in your room. Maybe it's your angsty teen that won't take the trash out, or your mother-in-law that always has something to say at family dinners. Everyone has experienced anger in some shape or form, but have you ever taken a step back and wondered- What's causing this in the first place?

A closer look at the limbic system.
A closer look at the limbic system. | Source

The Mechanics of Anger

The part of our brain that processes emotions is called the limbic system. Diving into it we can find the hypothalamus- what controls our fury. When something triggers you, it has passed through our amygdala, which is essentially the supreme court judge of our actions, deciding whether we are to react, or think. As many of us have probably experienced, when we're angry, our decision making skills can be a bit impaired. Some of us scream, cry, shut ourselves down, or self-medicate. What's important to remember is that anger is a natural part of life, and nothing to be ashamed of, but cool down time is vital.

Remember to put yourself first.
Remember to put yourself first. | Source

Calm After the Storm

There are over a hundred different ways to defuse anger, so try them all and find what's best for you. Since I couldn't possibly write out every single option and still have time to breathe, I've made a quick three step guide that just might help.

Step One: Express

We all have the tendency to bottle up our feelings sometimes, but it is unsafe for your physical and mental health. So, whether it be through a sport, therapy session, art, a talk with someone close, or just saying it out loud, you must let it out. Easier said than done, I know, but it is the most important step.

Step Two: Evaluate

Nearly all of our anger is rooted deep within us somewhere. Maybe it's an annoying sound that makes us explode, but there's typically a much larger reasoning behind our madness. The more you deny it, the worse it gets. Confrontation is one of the hardest things we have to deal with, especially when it's with ourselves, but once you target the problem, the pieces will begin to fall into place.

Step Three: Relax

Our most treasured part of life- relaxation. Don't fray from taking time for yourself to just sit back, close your eyes, and breathe. Listen to your favorite music, watch a movie, take a quick nap to recharge your emotions. After you indulge yourself for a bit, your problems come into view much clearer than before. Remember to keep yourself nourished, and try to force yourself away from comfort foods. Water is your best friend when it comes to your health, and taking some time out of the day to care for you will ease your edge.

What about you?

What do you do when you're angry?

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    • askava profile image

      Ava H 2 years ago from Atlantic City, NJ

      Thank you both so much for your insight! I stuffed mine too and feared being seen as selfish if I took a step back to take care of myself, but I've come to realize that my mental (and physical) health is just as important as the next person's. One of the best revelations I've made!

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 2 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I used to stuff my emotions, and then fly off the handle. Since I have been studying emotional health and have learned how to deal with my emotions, now, I am much more apt to say something when I am angry. I may even work through the emotion and realize that there are other, less potent emotions that are piling up, like disappointment, discouragement, or others that seem to be not as formidable as anger. When I deal with the triggers of these emotions, then the anger dissipates.

    • skperdon profile image

      skperdon 2 years ago from Canada

      Interesting Hub Ava H! I having been looking at myself in that light recently. So many of us don't know how to take time out for ourselves.

      Thank you for sharing.