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"Anger" The Raw Emotion & SSRI's for Dummies

Updated on January 18, 2019
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Raw Emotions, SSRI's for dummies, anger, anxiety, depression, general mental health, Sadness, Clinical depression.

Credit to: sydney-rae-408416-unsplash
Credit to: sydney-rae-408416-unsplash

Hi guys, thank you so much for bearing with me and for your visit on hub pages. This will be my final article on the subject of mental health, so I'll break it evenly into two parts and just explain as many don't actually understand - mental health is not about some 'mad isolated person' in an institution somewhere. They are not 'off their rocker' or 'two cans short of a six-pack....' Rather, simply someone like you or I with a chemical imbalance that can range from bouts of regular sadness to outright clinical depression. Most everything else is a stigma I'm afraid.

In my last installment Id like briefly to discuss with you the emotion of anger, rather than give it an article of its own - to fuel its own fires. As it's all relative and ties in together and then we'll go on to talk about SSRI's and treatments. (Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors.)

The reason I include anger here is that a person can feel angry for simply not feeling right. Perhaps, it's self-reflected anger for not functioning adequately enough and wondering why?. Stop beating yourself up! Keep calm and think of the options...

Sometimes things don't go our way and sometimes they go terribly wrong, the key is not to let it engulf you. For instance; is your pain too consuming for you? Do you find yourself caught in a cycle of repetitively speaking negatively towards others, generally? (I've been there.) Has constant rejection made you angry? I believe these are all indicators you're probably in the wrong environment for your mind. Seeking approval where it can't be found. I spent quite a number of years in this cycle and after trying too hard for too long, the result was unresolved anger.

To write about it now is therapy, to refer to it as in the past is wonderful and after a range of negative emotions, spanning rejection, on the horizon again is simple peaceful happiness.

Truthfully, we all want to feel accepted and be heard but sometimes those who surround us might fail to see this aspect as a need in us. You can feel like your the only one who's compassionate and accepting, yet, not getting it back in return. Which naturally leads to an angry state of mind and left unattended and simmering - is sure to erupt one day, perhaps out of the blue. Don't let it.

When everything starts going wrong it's hard to keep a lid on anger, I know this because over a two year period everything that possibly could go wrong, went wrong - falling like dominoes. I was left reeling, feeling drained, lost, angry and upset. When the storm and tide receded it took baby steps and a fresh New Year to believe in a new perspective and that things might get better again. I admit I cried a lot during this time as a direct release to the hurt and dissatisfaction in my life. There's comfort is in looking around and seeing others who feel similar sadnesses. Like all other emotions, anger has to be released somehow and it's not easy to do without projecting it onto someone or something else. But it is possible through acceptance.

I believe anger has it's very own spirit and forgiveness can feel impossible, but it's crucial as you can't heal if you're angry. The fire must be extinguished, even in the midst of pain and sorrow. Before you lash out, look in, the most damage done will be to yourself. It can help to recall better times and seriously, who cares if you're called a sentimental fool or some such idiotic label? I go one further and suggest the years when we had 'cheesy' television shows were actually the best. At least, society was allowed to demonstrate the vulnerability. What if 'being cheesy' was actually really love. Food for thought. Too many chiefs - all wanting to be heard, makes for a serious state of well-being, don't you agree? An imbalanced society in my opinion.

It is your world and it's my world and only we can fix it but we defeat ourselves with the spirit of anger. So try something today to help alleviate it and let those who try to wind you up, do so, ultimately it's their loss and your gain.

What is Serotonin?

Seratonin is a chemical brain neurotransmitter responsible for the basic balance in the nature of keeping one's moods reasonably elevated. It's a direct link to your happiness.

'Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)' Are well-developed types of anti-depressant medications that simply boost the serotonin levels. Thankfully, the old days of 'Prozac' and stigmas attached of people shuffling about numbly in institutions - are well and truly over. This field has advanced immensely over the years.

So, to paint a basic picture - depression, therefore, is nothing more than a lack of 'serotonin' reaching the presynaptic cells in the brain. A head injury can cause it or it may just not function as well as it should, as it is my case. Like every other bodily ailment or illness, it's nothing to be ashamed of and the treatments are highly effective.

There's a range of 'SSRI Medications' your doctor can tell you about, they're usually very good at picking the right one. All are similar in effect but sometimes its trial and error to try one or two brands before you begin feeling a whole lot better.

SSRI medication is useful not only in treating sadness and depression but also general anxiety disorders (pretty common today). As people feel anxious for a myriad of reasons and when it's prolonged, it really is debilitating. Don't suffer in silence if this you, see your doctor and bear in mind, with regular visits back to your GP - you can come off them - if it's just a storm you find yourself going through.

I wish you well always -

- Here's to a happier steadier mind this 2019 -


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