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Anger and Your Liver

Updated on September 10, 2015

Understanding Your Liver

In a moment of utter rage, if you were to stop and feel where your body was processing your anger, it would feel roughly around your "tummy" area, just under your ribcage and above your navel - where the liver lives!

It has long been a sentiment of ancient medicine that the organs of the body do not just perform physical duties but emotional duties too. In the case of your liver, it processes anger and frustration as much as it processes fats and helps regulate digestion and your metabolic rate. It also assists the body in flushing toxins - chemical, hormonal and emotional!

Some people feel heat when they are angry, hence the term "white hot rage" and still others have an explosive gastric event when they have been angry.

Ever noticed how some people reach straight for alcohol to cope with their anger? Its no coincidence that the disease associated with alcohol abuse is Cirrhosis of the liver!

How to Maintain Balance

So, its easy to understand how your liver can get sick, some people call it a "fatty" liver because your liver stores fat and fat cells in turn store excess emotions!

When an emotion is in excess, your body will struggle to process it, particularly if it is associated with a traumatic event, what we in BodyTalk refer to as an "Active Memory"

To support your liver and help it process all the excess anger its a good idea to seek a therapy like BodyTalk that can help attain balance, but your daily routine is just as, if not more important!

Here are some tips to keep your liver healthy and happy:

1. Eat good fats - Avocado, coconut oil. nuts, salmon

2. Stay clear of trans fats - fast food, fried foods, fatty meat

3. Drink clean water and add some fresh lemon juice

4. Minimize alcohol consumption

5. Stay clear of carbonated drinks

6. Incorporate some natural liver cleansers into your diet such as peppermint, turmeric and milk thistle.

7. Take some time out to sit on grass and just breathe in slowly. You will find even the smallest amount of "you" time can make a massive difference!

How do you manage your anger?

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    • Glowfaerie profile imageAUTHOR

      Candice Jules 

      3 years ago from Wokingham, United Kingdom

      Thank you RJ! I am so pleased you enjoyed the article :)

    • Glowfaerie profile imageAUTHOR

      Candice Jules 

      3 years ago from Wokingham, United Kingdom

      Hi Lipnancy, you are 100% correct, those with a liver imbalance will tend towards alcohol abuse and it becomes a vicious cycle! So by default, when we support our livers we are better able to manage our anger and it heals the whole cycle.

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      3 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      This is a great easy to read hub about the liver. Most people do not realize the importance of the liver and how we tend to abuse it. One another note in your article about processing anger, could this be why most alcoholics are very angry people? Maybe that's a reach.

    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 

      3 years ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      Agreed - I'm constantly reminded by my herbalist wife on the importance of good liver health - this is an easy way for people to "get on the program."


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