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Another day without Effexor

Updated on December 29, 2009

I survive yet another day.

Once again I am determined not to go back to the drug that is causing all of this trouble, Effexor. I have made it another 24 hours and I am grateful to still be coherent enough to even type let alone blog about my experiences. Side effects seem to be popping out of the wood work and playing havoc with my body. I have not had any brain zaps yet and am so very glad. I do have the obnoxious skin crawling and itching one. My legs hurt like I have pulled all the muscles in them. I am having a hard time swallowing. Like I have something lodged right in the center of my throat. I can't seem to eat much because it feels as if it will come right back out.

I went to the sawmill today to get firewood and being outside and heavy lifting made me giddy. It was so nice and refreshing to be out in the 30 degree cold air that I caught myself humming merrily. Seems the moods just shift from one to the other with not much reason.

When I came home I then had the energy just drained from my body. It was hard to unload the pickup truck full of wood and I didn't. I will do it in the morning before I go to retrieve another load. My arms ache as if I lifted for hours instead of minutes. So unusual for me to be so achy and tired, yet I need to remember my body is detoxing as I write.

I started painting trim again in the house. Anything to keep me busy, preoccupied and not scratching my skin. Problem was I couldn't stop painting even though the sun had set, light was getting dimmer to paint by and I know for a fact I was exhausted. My mind would not let me rest. I could not even think about sitting still. If it weren't for a friend stopping by and giving me a good talking to I may not have ever stopped.

I now settle down with a good book until my brain slows down for the night, hopefully.  No such luck, I am up for hours as every time I lay down my ears feel like they are ringing.  Something is not right yet have no idea what to do about it.  I just lay there for hours trying to get comfortable.  My body feels like it is betraying me yet I know that these drugs are still trying to grab hold of me.  Patience, I know patience.  I will get there  yet, you wait and see.


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