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Another Dimension Continued into Wholeness...

Updated on May 20, 2013

Continuing the Story ...

Another dimension continued into wholeness... continued from the Hub, 'Is Destiny Real?'

Yes, Gary came over for dinner.

After we enjoyed a vegetarian meal together, he asked me in his peaceful manner to explain my energy work.

Still not having enough English vocabulary, I thought it would be best to let him experience an energy session.

I signaled Gary to lay down on the blanket that I had spread on the living room carpet. Meditatively I sat on his left side. While letting go of my personal agenda, I followed inner guidance and put my left hand with a light touch directly onto his heart chakra.

Thoughts of curiosity entered my mind, as I had never before started energy work at this point. The stream of thoughts were blown away by an electrical current that ran up my arm and changed instantly my perception and location.

For the first time ever I left my body. As an observer I was floating weightlessly in the universe. Then a far light zoomed in and showed another star with its existing life. My observations were accompanied by deep feelings of peace, love and beauty with an awareness of total contentment and bliss.

I witnessed a very harmonious architecture made from arches that created a force field. Within that structure, tall dolphin-like beings standing erect moved effortlessly along. Their interaction was silent yet created a wave of playful joy. Then the star zoomed out and I was back in my body with my hand on Gary's chest.

The rest of the session was like bathing in a light of sweetness and we both didn’t feel a need to talk much. Gary went home and I met him two days later in our meditation group at the Conversations with God Center. This was my last evening of participating with this group, as I had arranged to drive from southern Oregon to La Paz in Baja California Mexico to give healing work.

Looking at Gary, I wondered how it would be to combine our spiritual gifts and work together. Yet I still put my trust into higher hands and thought, “Okay universe, if it is meant to be that Gary and I work together he will find out about my trip and ask me.”

Ten minutes later he stood in front of me and said quietly, “I just learned that you are going to drive to Baja. How would you feel about my going with you?”

“Yes,” I answered.

We started our journey to Mexico. For all the romantic dreamers, Gary is my prince on the white horse – only what he rescued me from my own illusion.

Now with our destined meeting, the summing up of our lifetimes together began its final play. To heal all wounds of drama we have chosen opposing roles in our existing personalities. That character mix is like a double-sided sword as it can destroy or liberate.

Often we walked the edge of the cliff, giving into egoistic importance by fighting against what was true. Yet the focus upon the truth within our heart feelings liberated the opposing sides of our unconscious and restored the separated pieces back into the one reality of wholeness.

After thirteen years of attending to our inner work or like Gary says, being two diamonds in the rough tumbling against each other, we have accepted the wisdom of letting go of what wasn’t ours to begin with. Now our dramatic play has drifted more and more into stillness, in an offering of the unspoken gifts from the star that once seemed so far away.

Written by Kati, with a little editing by Gary.


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    • profile image

      Aixa Rios 13 months ago

      Hello Kati. What an engaged and inspiring story. I have been feeling atracted and having signals to go to Texas. USA. I feel like i have to go there. Maybe that is the case that my purpose of life is there or will beging or continue there.

      After reading your story I feeel more motivated to go to Texas USA.

    • profile image

      Gary Smith Exposed 3 years ago

      This guy is a fraud, I've found at least 8 different websites of this guy trying to make money off Healing techniques and mystery schools. He claims to be the ONLY person on the planet to have met God and the only one qualified to teach about him. What a joke, true knowledge should not be for sale.

    • profile image

      4onesprit 3 years ago


      Thank you for sharing your story and vision. It gives me hope as I have also made a huge life change and live in "blind faith" and intuition. As I also believe that we are always where we are meant to be, even when it feels otherwise. What comforts me is the knowing that when I surrender and trust my inner spirit and the Intelligence that guides all good things~ I am safe - Blessings from another traveler on the path.

    • Emanate Presence profile image

      Gary R. Smith 4 years ago from the Head to the Heart

      Hi Sid,

      Kati read your comment to me with appreciation for you, and asked me to respond. We are both glad to have the connection with you. Thanks for writing!

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 4 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      Thank you, Kati! Beautiful that such things are happening here on the Earth Plane. I particularly loved, "For all the romantic dreamers, Gary is my prince on the white horse – only what he rescued me from my own illusion." I suspect, though, that this is not the final play, but one of many to come - here or elsewhere.

      And Kati, your English is certainly improving. Your writing is beautiful - and so is the hub, as voted.