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Benefits of Anti Aging Vitamin E

Updated on December 11, 2012

I'm Not Really A Doctor, I Just Play One on HubPages


I'm putting the caution upfront before telling you about anti aging vitamin E:


Anything you put into your body has some kind of consequence to you physically. Please don't assume that because we're talking about a vitamin here, that there is no risk.

NEVER take enormous amounts of Vitamin E! Vitamin toxicity can kick in at a couple of thousand IU's a day. Be aware that even doses of 400 IU's daily can be dangerous for those with blood disorders, as Vitamin E can cause a thinning of the blood, and is an anti-coagulant.

There, that's my disclaimer. On with the article. Thank-you.


Vitamin E is the super hero of vitamins. It not only keeps you healthy, it tunes up certain areas of your body, infusing them with a vital countenance. If you're raising an eyebrow in doubt, perhaps this article will convince you. Read on to discover the wondrous Anti Aging Vitamin E.

Super Hero Protection

If you do nothing else to prevent disease and free radical invasion of your body, take Vitamin E . Also known as alpha tocopherol, it brings and preserves more youth to your physical body. The following issues fall under the protective shield of this super supplement.


Artery hardening and clogging starts early in life, and worsens as we age. Free radicals attack and oxidate bad cholesterol in the blood, unleashing its toxic rancidity to infiltrate the artery walls. Vitamin E stops this process and puts a halt to the LDL cholesterol module to block and reduce oxidation, shrinking plaque and making arteries a little clearer as it does . 400 to 800 IU per day is said to be the ideal amount for benefits to this area of your body.


Until 2004, Vitamin E was said to suppress heart attacks. That statement was proven during studies at Harvard University, though it didn't profess to happen instantly. It required a consistent regime of 100 to 250 IU for a couple of years to realize the full benefits. A meta study in 2004 revealed that the first claim of heart attack and stroke prevention was untrue. You can decide for yourself.


Everyone's immune system declines with age, but it needn't. According to tests performed at Tuft's University, anti-aging Vitamin E's ability to block free radical oxidation gives a dramatically youthful boost to immunity responses in some people. While not every person in the study benefited, the ones that responded did so dramatically. White blood cell counts jumped significantly in as little as 30 days with a daily dose of 400 to 800 IU's.


Studies have shown that Vitamin E inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Low levels of this vitamin in the blood equates to a higher susceptibility to cancer. Knowing that this vitamin can help is exciting!


Mega doses of Vitamin E can relieve the pain, swelling and stiffness of arthritic joints. It has been shown that up to 1,200 milligrams per day can bolster the low levels typically found in people with rheumatoid arthritis. It has been speculated that the higher dose is necessary because much of the vitamin is used to combat and ease existing free radical damage to the joints. *** If you didn't read the disclaimer at the start of this hub, please go back and do so now ***


Although not as powerfully as vitamin C, Vitamin E supplements can reduce the risk of cataracts, and do some damage control if the condition already exists.

Brain & Blood

What says youth better than good brain function and blood flow? A 100-400 IU dose of anti agingVitamin E daily is recommended for increased blood circulation to the body and the brain.

*** Additional Information ***

Vitamin E is extremely important when it comes to omega 3 fats. As the primary fat-soluble antioxidant, it keeps omega 3's from oxidating. This is a very good thing. Without the vitamin E, oxidation of omega 3 releases free radicals. Vitamin E to the rescue, again!

Thanks so much to Vitaman249 for letting me know about this important fact!

Food Sources vs Supplements

If we go back to the super hero analogy, anti aging Vitamin E is the powerful protector from harm in supplement form. Sources derived from food is the sidekick in infancy. Still good for you, but not much power.

You would have to eat 28 cups of peanuts or drink 2 quarts of corn oil in order to get the 400 IU's of a daily supplement. Regular multi-vitamins typically contain around 30 IU's, so go for a separate supplement of at least 100 IU's. Take 400 IU's for blocking oxidation and boosting immunity.

It is recommended that you split the dosage up, i.e. take two smaller ones twice a day, and always take them at mealtime.

And in conclusion....

Are you still doubtful about the benefits of Anti Aging Vitamin E? There's only one way to know for sure - try it yourself.


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