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Anti Candida Diet: Proven Candida Diet Tips to Get Your Yeast Overgrowth Under Control

Updated on December 28, 2009

Anti Candida Diet

If you are looking for anti candida diet, you should first educate yourself about why the candida overgrowth happens in the first place. Most people aren't aware of the fact that the overgrowth of candida organisms are the direct result of consuming too much FAT, which interferes with the absorbtion of sugars into the cells. Excess fat causes blood sugar levels stay elevated for prolonged periods of time. Because your body is unable to metabolise sugar, candida organisms multiply, acting as a back up system to bring the sugar levels down. (Read my article about Candida Cleanse Facts)

Anti Candida Diet: Foods to Eat

The best foods to consume to keep your blood sugar and candida under control are fresh RAW vegetables, dark leafy greens and fresh RAW fruits.

The best recommendation for the anti candida diet is to eat a mostly raw, low-fat, plant based diet. You should be eating between 60-80 % (the more - the better) of fresh RAW plant food, especially greens, vegetables and fruits. You may include some legumes, whole grains, and limited amounts of nuts and seeds, if you like. Although the optimal diet would be 100% raw, very few people are actually able to eat this way, so the remainder of your diet should be cooked vegetables, legumes and whole grains. You should limit animal protein foods (acid forming) to 1-2 per week. It's best to completely eliminate white sugar, white flour, diary (except for kefir and yogurt, if you like) and all other processed junk.

You may even try eating ALL RAW diet for a few days to speed up your recovery. Just drink lots of green juices and green smoothies, eats lots of salads, and your problem with yeast will soon be a history.

If you are thinking "THERE IS NO WAY I'M EVER GOING TO EAT LIKE THAT" - all I can say - it's up to you - it's your body and your health. This type of diet is the best diet for optimum health, but if you don't have the motivation to make the necessary changes that will fix the PROBLEM and not just the SYMPTOMS, then just continue what you are doing.

I do have, however, a few tips that will make it easier for you.

An easy way to get loads of raw greens and veggies into your diet is by drinking green juices and green smoothies every day. Green smoothies are simply smoothies made with green leafy vegetables with some fruits for better taste. If you are worried about sugar in fruit, you may want to initially the amount of fruits in the smoothies by adding only a little bit of apples, berries, or oranges. You may want to add some lemons and/or garlic - if you can tolerate the taste.

The following is a good recipe to start your candida cleanse diet. Just experiment with proportions and ingredients to find a combination that you like.

2 cups spinach
2 cups collard greens
2 leaves kale
1 cucumber
1 stalk of celery
2 apples
1/2 cup of berries
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 or 2 cups of water (depending how thick you want it to be)
Blend well all ingredients in a good smoothie blender.

Benefits of Kefir and Other Probiotics

Although I generally don't recommend eating diary, adding some cultured products to your diet, such as kefir is beneficial for many people with recurring yeast problems. Especially if you have been taking antibiotics, you need to reestablish healthy microflora cultures in your body. One of the best ways to do (other than taking probiotic supplements) it is to consume cultured foods, such as cultured vegetables, yogurt or kefir.

Kefir is a cultured, enzyme-rich food filled with friendly micro-organisms that help balance your "inner ecosystem." Some people claim it's more nutritious than yogurt - I'm not sure about that. What I do know, it's very easy and inexpensive to make at home. There are many people who sell kefir grains online for a nominal fees. Just google kefir grains, and you will surely find a good source of live kefir grains that will last you indefinitely - if you take good care of them. Don't worry, it's easy. The kefir community is quite active on the web, so you can find lots of useful info about making kefir and other cultured foods. Some websites promote "kefir starter kits" that can be used also - but you will have to keep buying them over and over, as they don't reproduce itself.

As explained before, cutting off fruit (and other foods containing sugar) from your diet will not remove the cause of your problem, just the symptoms. Fruit are not the cause of your candida problem - you need to cut the consumption of FATS in your diet, optimally to about 10% of total calories. (That is why you should be careful not to add too much nuts, avocados, or kefir to your raw salads and smoothies)

Candida Diet Side Effects

When candida overgrowth starts to die off, many people initially experience unpleasant symptoms that are somewhat similar to flu. That may happen because fungi emit toxins into your body as they die off, so you may actually feel worse instead of better at first for the first few days. The good news is green leafy vegetables absorb fungal poisons (mycotoxins) and carry them out of the body. So, just keep eating your greens and drink lots of water.


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    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 4 years ago from Peru, South America

      This is useful information. I do find smoothies an easy and painless way to incorporate greens into our diet--especially since my husband isn't a big fan of them. (although he'll drink almost anything. lol) I'm glad that you do allow for yogurt and kefir even in an anti candida diet. Thank you!