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The Science of Effective Anti-Wrinkle Products

Updated on June 19, 2013

Incorporating Science into your Skin Care Regimen

I used to walk through the skincare aisle in the drugstore and become overwhelmed. I thought to myself, will I ever find the best beauty products to smooth my skin and fight wrinkles? That’s because there are hundreds of different products to choose from which claim to be anti-aging: cleansers, toners, acne-fighters, moisturizers, brighteners, etc. Product research, I’ve found, is the key to finding out what really works. When we want the truth about our physical world, we turn to science, not salesmen. So over the past couple years, I’ve been doing just that. As a result, I no longer have to spend 20 minutes scouring through the store aisles. In fact, most of what I purchase is online. More importantly, I’m seeing results from products that actually work.

Fighting wrinkles with retinol

Most products that claim to fight wrinkles are hyped up. What do skin researchers agree upon? Retinol. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative. In fact, research has shown that retinol is one of the only truly effective ways to reverse wrinkles.1 It repairs your skin much more quickly than your skin does on its own.

There are varying degrees of retinol, and for the prescription kinds, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor. First you may want to try a low grade, reputable treatment. I recommend ROC products. I used to use the anti-wrinkle serum and I still use the eye cream.

I have found that, while ROC definitely helps smooth my skin and keep the adult acne away, it wasn’t tackling the tiny lines that have recently started developing on my 33 year old forehead. Thus, I have very recently switched to a stronger retinol product that is already showing promising results via prescription-strength retin a online. It contains .05% retinol, which in the United States, is prescription- strength. However, this is not so in other parts of the world. After googling reviews of different online pharmacies, I decided to order from, purchasing 3 bottles for $65. I have essentially paid around the same amount of money for 3 bottles of store bought retinol. By googling “retinol reviews”, you will find that consumers regard retinol highly and find that it truly works as an anti-aging product.

Fighting wrinkles with sunscreen

When using retinol products, you should definitely use an SPF 30 or higher in order to prevent your skin from burning.

Researchers have found that up to 90% of all facial wrinkles are caused by the Sun. But with a pair of sunglasses (to protect you from developing crow’s feet from squinting in the sun) and some sunscreen, you can prevent much wrinkling from occurring. The sunscreen should include both UVA and UVB sunray protection in order to be effective.2

Fighting wrinkles with collagen-building products

Building collagen is the key to maintaining a youthful look. You know why children and young adults look young? That’s right; they are still naturally producing an abundance of collagen that keeps their skin smooth and supple. Research has shown that humans stop producing as much collagen by after age 35, and that there is much less production after age 60.3 The good news is that there is research that has shown ways to supplement that collagen production.

Advertising gimmicks will tell you that collagen cream is an effective anti -wrinkle cream. Research, again, has shown that the results of such are not that effective for your face.4 Instead, focus on collagen-building supplements. In the past 6 months, I have focused on two types. For several months, I used BioSil supplements. Studies have shown that silicon, stabilized by choline, helps build collagen resulting in more beautiful, skin, hair and nails. Consumer review sites for BioSil, such as, also give it a high rating.

For myself, I have found that BioSil supplements have helped my nails and hair. However, a bottle of 120 supplements (a 2 month supply) cost me almost $40 with tax and shipping. For now, I have decided to go with a less expensive alternative: Jarrosil drops. After carefully searching the internet for good product reviews; I decided to give JarroSil a try. Like BioSil, Jarrosil also contains activated silicon, but it is stabilized with other ingredients.6 I have been using JarroSil for a month now, purchasing a bottle for approximately $18 plus shipping that should last for 4 months. I put 12 drops in my water or juice, once a day. My hair is incredibly soft, softer and silkier than with the BioSil, and I can tell that my face is getting more toned. The only drawback is the slightly strange taste of the drops. As with BioSil, online consumer reviews are highly in favor of JarroSil. That being said, I want to make sure I try all silicon avenues. In the future, I may shell out a little more money to purchase the BioSil drops.

In a nutshell

Science has revealed what works to keep my skin looking beautiful. My anti-aging regimen is simple and has been proven effective. I apply retin a on my face at night, and in the morning use a moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation. I drink a glass of juice or water with Jarrosil drops. Because my anti-aging skin care regimen is affordable, quick, and proven, I encourage all of you to try it.









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    • profile image

      3 years ago

      "I have been using JarroSil for a month now [...] My hair is incredibly soft, softer and silkier than with the BioSil"

      You realize that any supplements you're taking are only affecting new hair growth - so after one month, the JarrowSil is only affecting the 1/4 inch or so of hair closest to your scalp and has nothing to do with how silky/soft it feels overall??