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Antiperspirants and Deodorants: Trouble in Waiting!

Updated on November 8, 2014

Breakouts Caused Attention

I have always loved fragrances; I still do. But when my underarm started breaking out approximately two years ago, I was left devastated! No longer could I use my favorite brands and types of deodorant! In fact, I still did. I was trying to determine what was causing these tiny red bumps that sooner turned to boils; a painful experience.

A Viable Alternative
A Viable Alternative

Do You Use Antiperspirants and Deodorants After Shaving?

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Shaving And Second Opinion

I soon after discovered that it was around the time of shaving my armpits that I started having problems! The suggestion was therefore made that the chemicals from my antiperspirants and deodorants were reacting with my broken skin; yes the warning is there but do we adhere? Besides, these are the brands that I have used for as long as I can remember, AND I wasn't new to shaving! So what was I missing? What was I doing wrong after all this time? It wasn’t until a second visit to a second doctor that I started to become more convinced about the deodorant theory. I mean, what did they expect me to do with all those lovely bottles of deodorants?

Being the good and old-fashioned doctor that he was, my family physician recommended that I “bathe and use baking soda” when I raised concerns about what to do when I toss my deodorants! I was livid! I mean, sure I have heard of baking soda before, but really?! Who does that? Truth is, I know a few people who do, but it just wasn’t for me. And I loved antiperspirants since I was convinced that I already sweat too much and am very active.

Having been convinced by my substitute family doctor (a much younger female) that I needed to toss my deodorants, however, I then started on my search for a viable alternative. I still cheated, using the deodorants when I was sure that my shaven armpits had been completely healed; stubborn, I know. But in the interim, I had discovered a brand that didn’t seem to affect my skin one bit, whether freshly shaven or not. I was still dead wrong as the problems go beyond what is visible to the naked eyes!


Perspiration Is Excretion

The worse thing that could happen to you from applying deodorants and antiperspirants under your armpits is by no means a few red bumps or boils. What we need to understand is that the body needs to perspire and that antiperspirants, as the name suggests, stop our body from perspiring. Now rewind back to your middle-school biology and remember why the need to perspire is great! You don’t try to keep in urine or other things that help the body to rid itself from harmful chemicals, do you? So why are we stuffing back our perspiration which is doing the same thing and clogging our pores? There has to be a build up with something bad bound to happen sooner or later.


Harmful Chemicals and Worst Case Scenario

On the other hand, deodorants contain all sorts of chemicals and fragrances which also have their own additional chemicals that tend to go unnoticed and under-reported. These are also harmful for our bodies and include aluminum, zinc, parabens, triclosan, which are all linked to skin irritation, and are known allergens. Likewise, the worst-case scenario: cancer, especially breast cancer is also a cause for concern, despite many researches being inconclusive in this regard. Likewise, a link has also been made with some of the chemicals and the onset of Alzheimer’s. An ounce of prevention is always better that a pound of cure and this topic is heavily debated as research continues into the dangers associated with antiperspirants and deodorants.


Viable Alternatives

There are several alternatives that can be used, even if like me, you chose to stay away from baking soda. These alternatives usually include crystal deodorants, oral alfalfa tablets and other forms of organic deodorants. By pure chance, I recently stumbled upon one of these deodorants, the crystal type to be exact. While it is a tad bit annoying to have to remember not to dry your armpits so it can be applied, it works great and keeps me confident all day.

The crystal deodorant also doesn’t stain of bleach your expensive suits and is invisible upon application. I don’t have to wait until it is dry, but coming from stick deodorants; it is a also annoying to feel under my arm when it is still wet. Besides, wet is never good, so it is advisable to allow your armpits to air-dry before getting dressed.

My New Discovery
My New Discovery

A Similar Product To The One I Discovered

Make The Change Today

Now that you are hopefully a bit more enlightened with regards to the dangers and possible alternatives to antiperspirants and especially fragrant deodorants, I trust that like me, you will make the informed decision and not wait to see what might happen if you don't.


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