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Anxiety, Depression, Anger & Hate; Solution not Pollution

Updated on June 5, 2020
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Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.


Each day anew.
Each day anew. | Source


Anxiety is normally not rational. But anxiety is triggered by something that can be real. Anxiety is real. Depression in a clinical sense is often a reaction to a negative (situational/normal). Depression can also be physiological. Depression and anxiety can be simultaneous.

Anxiety and depression are serious. They can lead to homicide and or suicide.

Anger and hate can kill you also. Just check your blood pressure when you are hating and angry at something. Anger can be triggered but those triggers are so numerous, impossible to count, that the triggers become made up in our mind. Hate is a sickness of the well-being of ourselves. It never ever causes a good outcome.

I get angry and hate the object when I stub my toe on something. Usually quite brief and often followed by a laugh at myself because stubbing your toe means you were not paying attention. Unless there are serious repercussion’s I laugh at myself when I screw up due to lack of attention. (Try multi-tasking hard and you will know what I mean ;-)

Anxiety gets the better of me. Usually some doubt in myself and negative self-talk. “I can’t” is my worst nightmare or daymare. Perhaps some folks think of fear and anxiety the same. I think fear is more the cause of anxiety. I use anxiety as a resistance tool. Because of anxiety I can nearly always justify procrastination and defeat. Uh oh, we can see how depression can creep his ugly head in here as the anxiety causes even worse perspectives on self-worth.

We hope that the above statements are not too psycho-babble type descriptions. They are meant not to be. Probably 80% of the above is within a normal range. Probably we need them to process stimuli both internal and external. I call the above, situational. Whereas a recognizable disorder by imbalance of body chemicals is clinical.

Justification for anger and anxiety are easy. Be hypercritical of someone or something and the mere thought of that object brings on anxiety, depression, anger and hate. It seems that this can just sit there in your psyche and come out even without the slightest reference to an object. Sports teams and politics come to mind for far too many people. Just in a standard conversation a person can become so upset that they cannot rationally approach a subject for a while, even one totally unrelated to the object of problems.

Other issues that we basically cannot control also trigger these problems. Again sports, politics and Covid. Too big of an issue to handle for everyone so let us look at us.


Let The Sunshine In

No angst on this day.
No angst on this day. | Source

Is Anger Normal?

Justification – “Well he….”

Justification is ugly in this area. Does “he” cause the above? If we can accept that the above issues are not generally good for our well-being that is past a necessary short interval of one time occurrence, then we can move forward. If you have thought about it and want to be anxious, depressed and angry and hateful read no further. But that is a serious discussion you need to have with yourself and I suggest one other at least. Let us just accept that we cannot change everything that makes us troubled. That situations, folks and places are often just what they are.

So go ahead if you want to and hate your tiny apartment. Feel angry every time you walk in that door. Get all depressed over not getting that promotion and above all else hate that politician and get anxious over the evening news. You are free, as in free will, to do that. Nobody can take that away. It is yours and you own it and can do what you want with it.

That works so clearly. And it works both ways. Want it? Keep it. Don’t want it? Don’t keep it. Unless you want to confess you are addicted to it and would be hard pressed to live without your anxiety and anger. I get it. And we can all get that concept. Learn to hate, have it passed down to you. Even pass it down yourself. What would it be like to not have the hate anymore? Like a big gaping hole inside you. A void that needs to be filled. Maybe that is fear that is worse than the hate? It would appear that would be on a person to person basis and bias.

We note someone who is an “angry old man”. We note it because it is generally not the case. Most elder people hate less and have no real desire for anger. You say not so fast. All the dementia out there, there are a lot of angry, anxious depressed hateful elder people. That argument proves itself. They are sick so they are angry. Not always angry at something but angry that they are sick. And that is part of the sickness – tough aspect of age.

Sweet Dreams

Life is good.
Life is good. | Source

Remember Good

Dream of Good

Well this person did something really bad to me. I did not get mad, I got even. Nothing at all to do with him. To even the score was all on me, about me. This guy was thoroughly upset that I did not get mad and react. He told me ten years later that he was always watching me to see what I would do. Basically good friends until this day. Just a side note I guess.

But maybe that is not a side note. I do not think we understand or can conclude on causation when it comes to matters like anger and love and prayer. I just think that it happens and our little nuances are part of the plan but not a cause of it. Because if we were, then; Anxiety, depression, anger and hate would rule life for everyone if you hold on to them. Seems all the terrorism, wars and calamity effect at least about 1% of us. I think the nasty anxiety, depression, anger and hate, (ADAH) stuff infects just about 40% of us. I do not believe that ADAH runs the world. It tries but fails. But the ADAH over the world can spread to 80% of us because of a .05% of us who hate, and on and on. Knowing of wrong with no power to change it causes all of ADAH.

When do we stop the cycle? Perhaps never. It is clear that in this world hatred enough for violence can last hundreds of years. That is an amazing truth. Literally many generations of hate.

Should we rearrange ADAH just to think about it. How about anger then hate and the resulting anxiety and depression. The chances are very good that anger stems from lack of power over a person, place or situation. Does a protest help to ease that anger because at least a little power and doing something about something is better than not. And when those protests go horribly wrong the cycle just gets worse. Anger begets anger.

How about we rearrange it to hate causes anger which leads to anxiety that ends in depression? (HAAD) Can you imagine that lasting for years? Shoot we may end up calling the cycle “bi-polar disorder”. I knew a guy once who was very good at meditation, prayer and comprehension. He could do that focusing on hate. His choice, as he could either do it to increase his feelings of hate or decrease them.

All of this is your choice. Do not blame or credit the outcome on anyone but yourself.


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