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Anxiety- How to Get Rid of the Invisible Monster?

Updated on April 9, 2019
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Saswati is passionate about writing and loves converting her thoughts into words & is intrigued by topics revolving around emotional health.


The dictionary meaning says, its the feeling of worry, nervousness or panic. But there's more to it and the person undergoing the panic attacks can only truly feel how devastating and challenging it can be if not treated properly.


Anxiety can happen at random intervals or can be a constant companion. There are several types of anxiety disorders. Some individuals feel worried all the time, about something or the other, the issues might range from the house help not reaching on time to work related issues. And there are others who feel these attacks at complete random times, one thought crosses the mind- and from then on it transforms into a chain of thoughts, each getting worse.

Physical symptoms may include one or more of the below-

1. Restlessness

2. Irritability

3.Shortness of breath

4. Unable to keep calm

5. Dizziness

6. Headache

7. Sweating

8. Gray hair(if anxiety levels are not brought under check for a long period of time)

9. Tense muscles

10. Sleep problems(leading to insomnia)


The exact causes of anxiety are not yet known, but they arise from a combination of factors as per research. The most common factor being stress, coupled with environmental or lifestyle related issues. Let say, you have an important meeting at 9 am in the morning and you are stuck in traffic, that is sure to get on your nerves and make you panic. While this is outside of your control, still you worry. If its a one-off incident, there is nothing to worry about. These these are a part and parcel of life. But imagine a scenario where even after making it to the meeting on time, you consistently worry about what would have happened had you not reached the venue on time? And moreover, you get panic attacks whenever you have an early morning meeting hence forward. That is a tell-tale sign of suffering from anxiety disorder.


Most of the people reading this will be well aware of the anxiety disorder in them or they must be curious, what pushes me to make an assumption that somewhere they are anxious about this as well. But its completely normal to suffer anxiety attacks once in a which(although the magnitude is also important). Apart from this once you realize what you are suffering from you can visit a doctor to help you with it. Mostly anxiety disorders are because of our current situations. So a trust worthy friend or family member can be confided in.

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How To Nip Anxiety At The Bud?

Is it truly possible? Letting go of anxiety? Coming out victorious? Yes, with lots of practice, definitely. But lets start small. There is no need to take a bungee jump. A small step at a time will work wonders and before you know, you would have stopped feeling anxious about anxiety.

Take a deep breath and repeat this to yourself- "Nothing is more important in life that living a happy life." Seriously. Period.

Lets discuss the most come cause of anxiety, which for many would be there work schedules.What do you think is more important in the long run? Will your boss remember your late nights at work after you have left the organisation? Of course not! I am in no way encouraging you to cheat at work, but there is no need to over stress. Some days are important and require you to be on your toes, but remember those days should be once a week at max, not 4 days a week.

Now that we have understood the importance of working right and being on time, the next thing that causes people to be anxious is relationships. By relationships I am not only referring to romantic relations, it is to relationships in general. Every relation needs time and patience. Don't expect if you are trying to over-satisfy the other person involved, everything will fall into place. Instead, it can lead to feelings of guilt resonating with anxiousness. If not brought under check, it can lead you to pain and depression. Would you want that?

Keeping our stress under control is the basic step towards controlling anxiety. Combine it with a few good habits like exercising, having health food habits and you can say goodbye to anxiety!


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