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Anxiety during Pregnancy

Updated on May 27, 2013

Depression is a common thing during pregnancy because of hormonal changes in the body. Mostly, pregnancy is known as a time of delight, but not for all women. Some women suffers a lot during the pregnancy period.

In the past, doctors don’t agree about the depression in the pregnancy, but with the latest research it is unveiled that due to swift growth in hormone levels in the early stage of pregnancy can disturb brain and it leads to depression. Hormone level can also make you feel curious about different things related to you.

Mostly, women take depression as normal thing so we don’t take it seriously but it affects your labor. Anxiety or depression can affect you physical health and latest search reveals that it increases the threat of preterm delivery.

Here are some common conditions that cause anxiety and they should be managed properly to keep yourself out of depression during the pregnancy.

Personal history of anxiety: If a women have depression or extreme tensions in the past of her life, she is at risk of depression during her early stage of pregnancy.

Fertility troubles: Sometime a women struggled too hard to get pregnant, or she have other fertility problems that she treated in last months or years, so she will feel a lot of stress in her pregnancy period.

Relationship problems: If you have problems with your life partner or family or you are not able to do your routine work or any other issue in daily life, it will make you feel depressed.

Pregnancy loss: If you lost your baby in the past, no matter what was the reason, you will be definitely worried about this pregnancy. If you have lost your baby more than one time, you might be still worried remembering your past. Surely you will remain disturbed during the pregnancy.

Complications during last pregnancy: if you have complications during the last pregnancy or at the time of labor, this might be the reason of your depression.

Problems with the pregnancy: If you are going with a high risk pregnancy or pregnant with twins or more you will surely be depressed. You have to talk to your health care provider about your depression and ask her for the solution.

Unplanned pregnancy: This is another major issue of the depression during the pregnancy if you have not planned this baby.

The upper given conditions are main reasons for the depression in the pregnancy. You can treat this by personal care and rest. You can also use medicines prepared for depression after consulting your doctor.


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